High Energy, Friendly or Calming Female Voice Over for $150

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High Energy, Friendly or Calming Female Voice Over for $150

Hey Friends! I'm Cora. I'm a professional performing and
recording artist who knows how to keep listeners engaged with her voice.

My voice can be high energy and friendly, great for voicemails or recorded greetings, or calming and comforting, which has been used in prayer and meditation videos, motivational passages, and stories and audiobooks.

My reading and performing skills have been honed on stages all over the Midwest and in classrooms for people with Autism.

How it works:
Message me and let's get your project finished!
Send me your script, any reference track or artist inspirations, and what you envision
I'll send you a mp3 roughly mixed by me to make sure I'm heading in the right direction.
Once approved I'll send you mixed and dry stems of everything
I ask for a 7 day turnaround, but I can usually get it to you much sooner.
I do 3 revisions.

Thank you for checking out my page! I look forward to hearing more about your project.

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