VOICE LESSONS with Onyie Sings Vocal Studio **Singers AND Speakers/for Novice and Experts** for $130

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VOICE LESSONS with Onyie Sings Vocal Studio **Singers AND Speakers/for Novice and Experts** for $130

{MESSAGE ME FIRST; rates vary} Welcome!! I’m Onyie, your new vocal coach/voice teacher! *Also check out my YouTube voice lessons!* I’ve been teaching private voice to EVERY KIND of voice for over 15 years!! ALL genres, ALL types! Onyie Sings Vocal Studio is one part vocal health and wellness, one part encouragement and one part artist development. I’m also a 3x certified personal trainer which has given me an immense understanding of the body & biology along with my education in vocal pedagogy. Many of my students have experienced fear, doubt and even trauma with regards to their voice. I can work with damaged voices, but I can also bring further development to skilled vocalists and professional performers alike. My overall focus as a voice teacher is VOCAL FREEDOM. A tensionless voice is a happy, healthy voice.

I am so thrilled that you’re stopping by and I hope we get to work together! Let’s find your HEALTHIEST & BEST voice! I promise you’ll leave my lessons better than you came!

MESSAGE ME for rates and let me know a little bit about your voice and how I can help!

For SINGERS… We work on overall healthy vocal production with a focus on the science of healthy vocal production. In combination with great vocal technique I also teach musicianship and artistic expression. This is why I call myself BOTH a vocal teacher (pedagogy and technique) as well as a coach (expression and musicality). See my main profile for my professional background and experience! I do and teach it ALLL!

For SPEAKERS… YES, you need voice lessons, lol! Whether you do a lot of public speaking, teach classes for 6 hours a day, do voice-overs or simply want to have more confidence when you speak out loud… I can get you to your healthiest, most secure voice. If you find you lose your voice a lot, your voice gets really tired by the end of the day, or it takes a long time to “wake up”… we can fix that! If you never know what’s going to happen when you open your mouth… we can fix that! The voice is not as mystical as it sometimes seems… there are skills and technique that will give you the vocal confidence and control we all desire!

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