Orchestration Lessons Via Zoom for $50

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Orchestration Lessons Via Zoom for $50

Hey friend,

My name is Oren Sela. I'm a film composer, orchestrator, arranger and conductor. For the last 10 years, my primary work as a musician has been with Disney Inc., composing and orchestrating for their features films, extravaganzas and parks all over the globe.

I'm fluid in classical orchestration, "The Golden Age Hollywood" style orchestration (John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith etc.), Modern/Hybrid/Trailer style orchestration, chamber ensembles and also for Jazz bands, Funk, Pop , and world music.

I'm here to offer you the knowledge and experience I have acquired throughout the last 3 decades, and to unfold the inner secrets of the orchestra and music visualisation in general - before you, so you will achieve the complete freedom to "play" and create the music exactly as you hear it in your head.

The lessons are conducted via zoom, integrated with slides, and every visual aid needed for the class.

The price mentioned above is for a 30 minute lesson, at 50$.
For a full hour - 100$
For 90 minutes - 150$

Please free to contact me for any question you might have.

  • Classical
  • Musical theatre
  • Broadway
  • Jazz
  • Choral
  • Pop

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