Music For Film & Commercials for $100

In Arrangements 100% Guarantee By Oren Sela

Music For Film & Commercials for $100

Hey friend, Oren Sela here.
I'm an film composer, orchestrator, arranger and conductor, working internationally, and mainly with Disney Inc.

I've scored hundreds of motion pictures, short movies, theater plays, musicals and commercials, and I'm fully versed in all musical styles - from classical to the "Golden Age Hollywood" style, through modern/hybrid film music, Broadway, Jazz, Pop, EDM and aleatoric music.

I'm happy to offer you my services today - a complete score for your full length feature, short movie, documentary or commercial.
Whether it's orchestral, electronic, mellow or high energy, my main goal is to serve the story and to elevate it.

The price mentioned is for a full minute of music, and for that you will receive the mixed audio file, separate audio tracks, or anything else you'd require to finish your post and on to the grand opening!

  • Classical
  • EDM
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Musical theatre
  • Pop

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