Transcription for Small ensemble: Score and Parts set for $150

In Transcription 100% Guarantee By Seth Butler

Transcription for Small ensemble: Score and Parts set for $150

Got a live gig coming up? Don't fake your way through it! Ease off the stress of learning the new song and teaching it to the band.

Small ensemble (up to 7 parts) score and parts can be made from any recording. These can be exact transcriptions or rough adaptations (e.g., reduced ensembles).

Some examples include:
-Theatre pit bands
-Jazz combos
-SATB choir w/piano and/or other instruments
-String quartets
-Adding string quartet to an existing arrangement
-Guitar tabs for a complex rock song
-.....probably a thousand things I haven't thought of before

Easily readable parts are carefully edited for page turns, rehearsal marks, etc. - nothing is by accident.

Parts can be customized for player strengths. Got a guitar player that can't sight-read? I'll give them just chords and slashes. Got a piano player that can't improvise? I'll give them a full part. Trumpet player can't play above a G? Considered.

It may take a couple whacks to get it right. Ensemble scores can have up to two rounds of revision if need be.

  • Choral
  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Musical theatre
  • Pop

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