Trasciption for any instrument for $55

In Transcription 100% Guarantee By Magda Szczebiot

Trasciption for any instrument for $55

I’m a violist/violinist and composer. I compose especially on string quartet and orchestra.
I graduate The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. I’m a professional musician with over fifteen years of experience. As a session musician I’ve made recordings for in advertisements, games, films. CD’s ( in various genres: pop, rock, classical, hip -hop, indie)

I can transcribe any instrument you want and deliver in 24h. (please ask me first in PM if I'm avaiable)
I also provide audio to listen the instrument part (mp3, wave or midi)

What will I send you?
- pdf(s) of the trascription
-Demo MP3(s) - **gratis but upon request**
- Music-Xml File(s) - **gratis but upon request**

It is a gig for 3-4 min of music
1 instrument is 55$
2 instruments 70 $
3 instruments 85 $

For 4 - 5 min is + 15 $
for 5-6 min is + 30 $

Feel free to contact me.
Check out my YT & Soundcloud : Magda Szczebiot Music or samples below

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