Christian Song Arrangement/Production for $300

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Christian Song Arrangement/Production for $300

Do you have your song written but don't know what the rest of the tracks/instruments should play? That's what I do.

I am a music theorist at heart and one of my favorite things to do is help people hear their song for the first time. On multiple occasions I have taken a rough song demo and produced a track that has brought my clients to tears. There is no greater compliment and it's something I would like to continue to do for as many others as I can.

There is some difficulty with definitions so I will use more words than maybe necessary here for clarity.

This does NOT include mixing and mastering your track. That is a separate service that I often do for my song arrangement clients but for this website I need to separate as different services for now. The best way to think about this service I am offering is that it will provide a backing track for you to go to a studio and get the vocals recorded, before sending to someone to mix and master. This is establishing the song form and all of the instrumentation. This is for projects that are more than 10 tracks (if you have something smaller in mind - such as one acoustic and a vocal - this is not the service you're looking for), and less than 300. Oftentimes 300 is more than enough, and most of my productions start out around 80 tracks for reference (although I built a production computer specifically to abuse track count so I tend to create more tracks than necessary and this number may be higher if compared to other producers/arrangers).

This service will workout the exact song-form (if any adjustments need to be made). It does not include any songwriting in terms of composing the melody or writing lyrics to be sung. It does include all of the instrumental parts (including background vocals if necessary but not harmonies for the melody - think of these background vocals as a non-lyric based instrument). It can be delivered in multiple ways to be discussed for each project. Most often through an aggregate file allowing everything to be heard playing together, which ends up being a nice resource to record the vocals later, and bounced as individual clearly labeled stems for the sound engineer to later mix as necessary.

This service is perfect for the Christian songwriter who can sing and provide simple self accompaniment on one instrument. Let me fill in the rest.

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Overcome (Come and See) by ZJK

This is my own original track which has more unique arrangement and instrumentation than usual.
  • Overcome (Come and See) by ZJK
  • More of You by Whitney Lynn
  • Heaven Come Down by Whitney Lynn

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