String Arranging and Recording Any Genre for $300

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String Arranging and Recording Any Genre for $300

Hi there! I'm a composer/arranger and string instrumentalist based in Boston, Massachusetts with recording, performing, and arranging credits for the likes of Alicia Keys, The Maine, Lucius, Broadway Records, and many other artists across the country and the globe in genres ranging from indie folk to hip hop.

My arranging and tracking service involves all real instruments (I can layer with midi if requested) and however many tracks are necessary to produce the best outcome for your song. Typically, I work to a demo and enjoy speaking to the artist about the overall vision for the song before I get to work.

I record on a DPA 4099/Beyerdynamic M160 combination and own multiple instruments to layer for a more lush section sound if needed. I'm very flexible with edits so if you'd like small changes, sheet music of the arrangement, multiple takes, etc. just let me know and we can discuss adjustments. Looking forward to working with you!

Indie Rock Demo

August 2017
  • Indie Rock Demo
  • Hip Hop Loop Demo
  • Chill Indie Pop Demo
  • Singer-Songwriter Ballad Demo
  • Neoclassical Demo
  • RnB Alternative Demo
  • Trap/EDM Demo
  • Ambient Alternative Demo
  • Singer-Songwriter Jazzy Demo

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