Dark Cello Tracks for $75

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Dark Cello Tracks for $75

I am a rock cellist. Sure, I studied classically through my youth and in college but I preferred a full heavy sound of the instrument with less vibrato and a lot of rhythm. I can provide a rhythmic chop to your songs verse or a wall of cellos behind the chorus. If you are looking for the "traditional" cello sound, I recommend other cellists on this website. I can write all the parts or collaborate with a melody or rhythm you have in mind. I like the sound of a layered cello and if your open to the sound will provide a product that has many cellos stacked for a full sound. I use the latest version of Cubase and use Ozone 8 plugins for varied sounds.

  • Rock

Led Zepplin Cello cover

Cello Chop
  • Led Zepplin Cello cover
  • Some Dark night
  • Supercontrol pt 2

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