String Ensemble/Quartet/Quintet for $500

In Violin, Viola, Cello By Matthew Weber

String Ensemble/Quartet/Quintet for $500

Hi, my name is Matthew Weber, I am the former associate principal bassist of the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra, and former principal bassist of the Czech National Orchestra. I now reside just outside of NYC and have a small home studio and access to phenomenal string players from the NYC music scene. We can record any combination of string ensemble, from duos to string quartets, or quintets with double bass. Here you can listen to a sample string quintet recording that I was the engineer, bassist, and producer on.

Price will differ depending on the length, difficulty, and type of ensemble needed.

I studied at the Juilliard School and hold a Masters of Music degree. I have years of experience recording film scores and classical pieces, as a performer and have picked up some recoding techniques along the way. You can hear a clip of the orchestra below.

I have added a link to my personal sound cloud, while there are no recordings of the orchestra there at the moment, all of the tracks were mixed and mastered by myself, so you can get an idea of my work.

*You may order this service with or without having the tracks mixed/mastered by myself.

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