violin tracks for any style for $90

In Violin, Viola, Cello 100% Guarantee By Aaron Matthew Smith

violin tracks for any style for $90

I'm a classical trained violinist highly experienced in studio sessions and live performances.

I have recorded and toured with Seycara, Andrew Hind, Stuart Michael Thomas, Aaron Mathis, Arcadia Worship, and Justin Unger

I have recorded on soundtracks for film, commercial trailer, singles, and albums, including 1st and 2nd violin part for the upcoming Hulu movie "The Cut" starring Orlando Bloom

I have great recording studio to help meet all your recording needs. I am well trained in violin, composition, and musicianship in all styles. I am flexible and love creating art with others. I will get you your order quick and I will work till I get something we are happy with. I look forward to working with you!

More about me:
I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. I hold a Master's In Music Performance from Arizona State University. I am currently a touring violinist with Likewise Worship and Justin Unger. I am also a traveling opera singer. See more about me on my website

Violin : Voller Brothers, London, 1889
Bow : 2 Pernambuco Bows, Carlesso & unnamed
Mics : Vanguard V4, DPA 4099
Interface : Audient iD14

  • Classical
  • CCM
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Folk
  • Christian
  • Pop-Rock

please you

song with strings written and tracked by me
  • please you
  • longing for heaven
  • Behold

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