Violin and Viola Solo/Session Recording for $150

In Violin, Viola, Cello By Soheil Salimzadeh

Violin and Viola Solo/Session Recording for $150

I am a highly skilled and experienced violinist and violist, specializing in recording for solo and strings sessions. With over a decade of experience in classical, oriental,Celtic and gypsy music, I bring a unique touch to every recording.

I have worked with numerous artists and producers on a wide range of projects, from orchestral compositions to pop songs. Whether you need a solo violin or viola recording, or a full strings section for your track, I am here to help.

My recording setup includes a high-quality microphone and preamp, ensuring that the sound is clear and pristine. I am also equipped to record in a professional studio if needed.
- Sennheiser MK4
- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
- Logic Pro X

I am highly versatile and able to adapt to any style or genre of music. I can provide a classical sound with precision and elegance, or add a unique flair to any pop or rock track. My goal is to provide you with the perfect sound for your project, and to exceed your expectations.

In addition to my performance skills, I am also an experienced arranger and can create custom string arrangements for your tracks. I am committed to delivering high-quality recordings on time and within your budget.
Recording more than 50 Strings Sessions in Single tracks or Albums.
Some of them which available to hear in music stream platforms:
- Imprison (Single Track / Rock Arrangement of AbolHassan Saba's "Be Zendan" For Violin, Piano, Bass and Drums, 2019)
- Golden Dreams by Javad Maroufi (Single Track / Arrange and perform for Violin and Chamber Orchestra, 2018)
-A Pledge for Peace and Love Album – Banafsh Band (Arranger/Violinist and Conductor, 2020)
- Jane Maryam (Single Track / For Violin and Symphonic Orchestra, 2017)
- Sari Gelin Album (The most famous Azerbaijani folk song arranged for Chamber Orchestra)
- The Last Knight Album (Celtic folk Melodies arranged for fiddle and Orchestra)

  • Classical
  • Musical theatre
  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • World

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