String Quartet - arranging & recording violin, viola & cello for $200

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String Quartet - arranging & recording violin, viola & cello for $200

I record multitrack string arrangements with Universal Audio thunderbolt audio interface and WA 47-jr microphone in Logic Pro.
I will arrange and record customized strings for your music! I only record high quality string instruments: violin, viola and cello. For example, one of my violins is an August Riechers from 1879.

1. I propose an arrangement after working with your .mp3-/.wav-DEMO.
2. We make sure that you are satisfied with the arrangement and of course we make changes at your request.
3. I record final takes and deliver tracks ready for your mix. I can deliver a quick mix of the strings alongside the individual wav-tracks included in the price!

In the following song I play the violin and arranged the strings in collaboration with the producer:

Here is one collaboration where I arranged and recorded all strings. Satisfied artist and producer :

Here is another link with strings, arranged and recorded by my company, StringTracks.

All the best!
/Per Löfdahl, StringTracks

  • Classical
  • Gospel
  • Pop
  • Soul
  • Rock
  • R&B

String section - soulpop

muted vocals
  • String section - soulpop
  • Idea to client - unprocessed strings
  • Arrangement for client - unprocessed strings

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