I will Record Pro Studio Quality Violin or Viola for $75

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I will Record Pro Studio Quality Violin or Viola for $75

PLEASE, NOTE: This gig includes up to 3 minutes of recording length. Please, contact me to discuss longer projects.

I will record a professional and top studio quality violin or viola track for your song, music video, podcast. Hire a studio quality violinist to record a track for you!

Hello! I'm a classically trained violinist with 20+ years of professional performing experience. I am also running my own recording label. I earned two Doctor of Music Arts degrees and have won the Shostakovich and ICMEC International Music Competitions.

Services I offer:

- Record top studio quality violin for your song or music video
- Record a violin solo with mixing and mastering for your song
- Record piano accompaniment or piano solo track
- Improvise in classical, jazz, pop, soul, bluegrass and other styles
- Compose a violin track from scratch and record it
- Extract a violin track from an existing recording

What you will get from me:

- Studio quality wav files recorded with multiple mics (Neumann, Rode, Earthworks)
- Mixing and mastering
- Video with up to 3 angles (optional)

Note: Please, message me at any time before ordering to clear up any questions you might have. Don't delay - get in touch today and let's create your perfect violin solo together!

Best regards,
Dr. Oleg Bezuglov
Professional Violinist

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Soul
  • Pop

Vivaldi. Thunderstorm

Oleg Bezuglov (violin), Natalia Bezuglova (keytar)
  • Vivaldi. Thunderstorm
  • Kroll. Banjo and Fiddle
  • Gershwin. The Man I Love
  • Warren. Chattanooga Chou-Chou
  • Meyer. For Heaven's Sake

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