Real Strings by Brenda K, Multi-String Player and Arranger for $250

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Real Strings by Brenda K, Multi-String Player and Arranger for $250

Set your music apart from everyone else's with the iconic richness of real strings! I compose and record string arrangements in a multitude of musical styles. I just need a description of what you are looking for, a couple reference tracks to better understand the aesthetic you want, and an mp3 of the piece you are working on. I'll work with you every step of the way to create a string arrangement that supports your artistic vision.

Basic service ($150) includes one or two violin lines either performed from a written score or guide track(s) that you provide, or that I compose or improvise for up to 1 minute in length, with one revision.

Enhanced service ($250) includes a multi-tracked string section (violin, viola, cello) up to three minutes in length with two revisions.

Premier service ($500) includes a full multi-tracked layered string arrangement I compose that can also include solos, for up to five minutes in length with two revisions.

Also available: programmed hip hop and trap beats with live-recorded multi-tracked real strings (violin, viola, cello): Beats $650

Turnaround time ranges from 7-15 days depending on the scale of the project.

Looking forward to discussing your project with you!

Rising Glory

String arrangement I composed and recorded set to hip hop track
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