Violin & viola player for $70

In Violin, Viola, Cello By Róza Lachegyi

Violin & viola player for $70

Hi there! I'm a professional violin and viola player and I'm looking forward to work with you! If you need a lively string sound for you song, don't hesitate to contact me. I make recordings in my own studio with a legendary UAD Apollo 8P interface, Neumann KM184 and Se VR2 Ribbon microphones.
Send me the score/audio of the violin/viola part of your song, and I will record it and send it back in wav/mp3. In case if you need some help with the writing/arranging, I can take part in it as well, but not making the whole process.
For the prize mentioned above I record 1 track maximum 5 minutes long, and I can take 1 revision if needed.

Moon River arrangement

My own arrangement from a part of the famous song
  • Moon River arrangement
  • Vivaldi: Four Seasons - Winter - Largo
  • Borodin: String quartet no. 2. - sample
  • Bach: Cello suite on the viola - sample
  • The Cinematic Orchestra: To build a home - sample

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