violin & viola tracks for your song for $100

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violin & viola tracks for your song for $100


I'm Diederik and I'm a professional violinist & violist working in The Netherlands.

I've recorded & arranged strings for bands and artists in the U.S. & Europe, some of which include Dierks Bentley, Peter Oren, Steve Marino, Hanna Benn, Tim Grimm, Ben Bedford, Lil' Bub, Tristen, Busman's Holiday, Somos, among many others. Many of my arrangements have been acclaimed and have appeared on websites such as Pitchfork, Paste, Billboard, & Rolling Stone.

I work from home and record with a Audio Technica (AT) 4040 condenser mic, an Avid Mbox and a Millenia HV-35 pre-amp. I usually add as many layers as necessary on violin & viola and revise tracks up to two times.

If you'd like cello or any additional instruments on your track, I can hire professional musicians for the same rate as above & for an additional $200 (half-day) or $335 (whole day), I have access to a full recording studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with the following gear:


Royer RE-122 MKII (2X)
Mojave MA 300
Mojave Tubemic custom made
Neumann TLM-103
Neumann KM 105+
Neumann KM 184 (2x)
Rode NT-2 (2x)
AKG C414 (2x)
Groove Tubes GT57 (2x)
Shure SM 57 (2x)
Shure Beta 58 (2x)
Shure SM 58 (2x)
Shure PG 81 (2x)
T- clipmic (violin) (3x)
Shure PG 52
Shure PG 56 (3x)
Placid Audio copperphone mini

Pre-amps and outboard:

DDA Q series console 32-8-2 (1988)
Universal Audio 4-710d
Avalon 747sp Stereo compressor / Eq
Midas XL 48 (8 preamps)
Golden Age Pre 73
Focusrite Green channelstrips (2x)
DBX 128 dynamic range enchancer

Looking forward to hearing your track & working with you!

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A song of mine featuring a full string arrangement.
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