High Quality Violin Recordings for $75

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High Quality Violin Recordings for $75

I've got a Bachelor's diploma for classical violin AND one for jazz and pop music! Tonio Geugelin is also known as TONG!

High Quality Violin Recordings

I will professionally record my outstanding violin to your specifications. With my versatile background I'm comfortable playing expressive violin lines, outstanding improvisations, classical sheet music and crazy sound effects in any style! I record stand-alone, isolated tracks, or over a project you're working on.

Special requests/ special orders: for longer projects, short samples or other requests feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and I will give you a price quote.

My typical work process:
First someone writes me with a recording request. Then I listen to the song that was sent with the request and I check on how I would play the requested wishes. Next I think about what I can do to make the song more complete - these are often background lines and sound effects, somtimes a solo or rhythmic violin sounds. At that point I reply to the client with my collected ideas and a proposal. After the agreement I start recording the next day. If a revision is needed, I record those wishes gladly on the same day.

Past work:
I recorded for numerous composers and producers, such as Oscar Fogelström and Paul Lawler.

I record with a black Rode NT1, FL studio and a Focusrite interface. My wonderful violin is a Stradivarius model, build by Andreas Augustin. My bow is a 100 years old piece by Gustav Prager.

Tonio's Violin Recordings - Varying Styles

This audio sample shows my violin recording for several music productions in various styles
  • Tonio's Violin Recordings - Varying Styles

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