Awesome cello tracks for your song for $150

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Awesome cello tracks for your song for $150

Who doesn't love the cello, right? I am a classically trained cellist and composer, who specializes in improvisation and contemporary styles of music. I have played everything from rock to electronic to jazz to balkan to Indian (man, I've been doing this for a long time!)

I can record a part you have composed or I can create my own. Whatever style you need, I can do it. But besides cello, I'm an easy going and funny guy, so I'm fun to collaborate with. That's why we got into this business, to have fun, right? (haha, if we only knew)

I was the cellist/songwriter for the band, You Bred Raptors, from 2011-2017 and I have been featured on Good Day New York, The Economist, and The Atlantic. In addition, I record and compose for film scores and was the cellist in the Tracy Morgan and Jessie Eisenberg film, "Why Stop Now."

I'd love to add an awesome cello line to your song and bring it to the next level! I look forward to hearing from you.

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