Pro Cello For Songwriters & Producers for $150

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Pro Cello For Songwriters & Producers for $150

Just send me an MP3 and I'll be happy to create something beautiful for you - whether a single cello line or a multiple voice arrangement. As a FREE service, I'll record a 15-30 seconds audio "sample" so you hear how my cello will sound with your material. (Click on the AUDIO tab for recent examples of my work)

With over 40 years of professional experience as a solo session player I have recorded on hundreds of projects in many different styles. I often work with songwriters and producers from my own Cellomax Studio and I love the creativity of collaborating with wonderful musicians from all over the world.

I can create an arrangement for your approval with one revision if necessary. If you send me a score and /or midi sample I will record these parts for you with a high degree of musical expression and professional level audio recorded at any sampling rate you specify. I will Dropbox to you both raw and gently processed 24 - bit cello tracks which you can then mix into your project.

I charge $150 for a single cello track up to 3 minutes. Additional tracks are $50 with full multi - voice cello arrangements available. I can also add a bass guitar part if the song needs it.Total fee depends on the number, duration and complexity of tracks. Please contact me for a custom offer!

I am offering a FREE service for first time customers, so that you can test me out. Send me your MP3 and I will record a sample (15-30 seconds) so you can get a sense of my sound quality and approach. Click the AUDIO link to hear a "sample" of my cello playing on a recent project. Here I added bass guitar and three cellos recorded in stereo to create a pad which can be used wherever appropriate in the mix.

I play a great French cello from the Villaume School about 160 years old.
My bass is a vintage 70's Fender Precision which records well.

Studio Gear:
Mics: Schoeps CMC6 Hypercard, Peluso TR14 Tube/Ribbon,
Preamps: Summit Audio Tube Preamp, Grace 101
DAW: ProTools 10, Sony Vegas

  • Jazz
  • Folk
  • Classical
  • Rock

Cellomax Demo Medley

Demo of a variety of styles: alt Rock, Tejano, Country, Contemporary Christian, Celtic Instrumental. All arangements by Max Dyer
  • Cellomax Demo Medley
  • Original Film Score Demo
  • Song with three cello arrangement and bass guitar

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