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Professional Drum Tracks for $75

In Drums By gmsdrummer

Professional Drum Tracks for $75

$75 per song for very professional drum tracks.

Rock, Pop, Country, Dance, Electronic Pop, Blues, or a good ole down south shuffle, I've got you covered.

I Endorse GMS Drums, which are some of the best recording drums ever made, and I have an arsenal of different snare drums. I also use Roland electronics (SPD SX Sample Pad). For the electronic intros into the acoustic kit, earthy electronic grooves, or straight up electronic pop, you're covered.

Check some of the artists I've recorded with on iTunes:
Shawn and Lance, Taylor Verrett, Charley Rivers, Stealing Cane, Kylie Frey, and more...

281 Reviews

  1. Review By: sonny Jul 12, 2019

    Always a pleasure and a great experience - one of the nicest musicians to work with :-)

  2. Review By: Davecork Jun 29, 2019

    A sky full of stars for this man ..Brian never fails to deliver top quality work time after time....the man is a powerhouse and he will enhance any track you send him....thanks Brian for all the brilliant work you've done on our project...Dave

  3. Review By: ianhollis Jun 28, 2019

    Another perfect drum track - always spot on! 5*****

  4. Review By: ianhollis Jun 28, 2019

    5***** Don't go anywhere else!

  5. Review By: Davecork Jun 25, 2019

    It might seem a bit lacking in believability to keep posting glowing reviews here as people will say it might be some mate of Brian's who's blowing smoke but every review is genuine and heartfelt because its simple, EVERY single time Brian does a track for me I'm blown away by his skill and sound ...
    Seriously...forget the's the BEST.......!:))

  6. Review By: Jake86 Jun 16, 2019

    Killer Job! Brian is the best on this platform!

  7. Review By: rharkness Jun 7, 2019

    My songs just seem to be getting better every time I work with Brian. He know what the song needs and can play in the pocket to make it groove. Really happy with the results. It makes a huge difference!

  8. Review By: mbarch May 27, 2019

    I'm amazed that anyone could get this so good so fast. Thank you!

  9. Review By: Rdistrict May 25, 2019

    Brian was once again fantastic to work with. I really feel like he puts serious consideration into the makeup of the song and delivers amazing tracks. If you want to work with a real consciences pro, Brian is your guy. Can't recommend highly enough.

  10. Review By: Jake86 May 25, 2019

    Great Job! When he say's he will get it until it's right, he means it! Awesome !
    Thank you Brian

  11. Review By: Jake86 May 22, 2019

    I've been blessed to play with some of the best session drummers in the world, Brian is right there among them!

  12. Review By: scrivvy May 12, 2019

    Brian nailed it again. Didn't think it was possible -- but is getting even better with each new job? The man is a machine, with such a deft touch and great feel. Will always come back as long as the man is still ticking.

  13. Review By: rharkness May 2, 2019

    I keep coming back. The compliments I get from others on my song for the drumming alone is amazing.
    This last song he nailed it on first attempt (and I'm a harsh critic). He has a really good feeling for rock in general. Very strong drumming with amazing timing, skill and imagination.

  14. Review By: MRey Apr 27, 2019

    Another great job Brian. Thanks!!

  15. Review By: Davecork Apr 25, 2019

    It’s impossible for Brian to do a duff take or deliver anything less than top notch, top quality drumming ..........there’s Brian and then there’s the rest...the man is simply in a league of his own ...thanks again for a great track Brian...Dave

  16. Review By: mbarch Apr 13, 2019

    Perfect. Fast.

  17. Review By: docjazz Apr 6, 2019

    Working with Brian was hands down the most positive online recording experience I have ever had! What a super talented drummer, what a great sound, what an epic sense of rhythm! And such a pleasant person to work with: helpful, enthusiastic, and really getting into the music. I wholeheartedly thank him for his fantastic contribution to my song. And to you folks out there who are looking for a drummer: you just found him! I know one thing for sure: I will be back! Thanks Brian!

  18. Review By: Musicman1 Apr 2, 2019

    Five Stars:
    Brian, as always delivers exactly what the song needs and more. A true artist and a nice guy, he goes above and beyond to make sure you get what you need and want.

  19. Review By: MRey Mar 31, 2019

    Brian, thanks for another great Professional Drum session. Thank you. ~ Michael Rey

  20. Review By: rharkness Mar 29, 2019

    What can I say that hasn't already been said?
    - Super polite and makes you feel good about your choices.
    - My song was Big Rawk/Punky/Pop and his contribution hit hard and supported the music. It made the song better. He has a good feel for this type of music and has metronome accuracy.
    - Great communications and a couple of options for different tracks.
    I hope to work with Brian on the next song.

  21. Review By: ryedinak Mar 21, 2019

    Great job Brian….this was exactly what I was looking for. Top notch stuff and great sounding drums!

  22. Review By: mbarch Mar 19, 2019

    Thanks Brian, just what I was hoping for

  23. Review By: Musicman1 Mar 17, 2019

    5 Stars!

    Brian, is a great drummer, his sound, touch, and the parts he plays are perfect for the songs we have done together. I have used him on a variety of songs with many different styles. His musical vocabulary is vast so you can mention a drummer and he knows instantly what you’re looking for. Brian is a great guy and goes the extra mile, he’s not happy until you’re happy. Hire him, you won’t be disappointed.

  24. Review By: PhilBrooks Mar 14, 2019

    Great drum tracks. I sent in a rough song idea that I wanted a drum track for so I could do further development. He worked with my idea and gave me something back that sounds awesome. Along with individual tracks for the kit he also sends along a nice stereo mix down so you can quickly drop it in your project and keep working. Great drummer. Great sounding tracks. It's nice to know that I never have to worry about getting a high quality drum sound on all my songs.

  25. Review By: Rdistrict Mar 4, 2019

    Brian was fantastic to work with. He really went the extra mile to get the sound I was looking for and just nailed it! Total beast and I will definitely use him again. Soon!

  26. Review By: Davecork Mar 3, 2019

    From the very first song Brian delivered the goods with passion great skill and good humour...this man is a star and he's the essence of what this site represents at it's best-
    What I'm looking for personally is great playing, great attitude and the opportunity to make music with fellow musicians around the world in an affordable professional and passionate way and people like Brian make it possible and very enjoyable too-thank you Brian...

  27. Review By: ccomet Feb 24, 2019

    Thank you Brian for a job well done, your enterprising spirit and persistence.Great drum playing, great sound, great attitude.
    I will see you on the next song. If you are looking for a good pro drummer, this man is your ticket
    Chris Comet

  28. Review By: Davecork Feb 18, 2019

    5 STARS EVERYTIME !…..Brilliant playing and Brian has a fantastic attitude towards his work and music -a true professional in every sense.

  29. Review By: PhilBrooks Feb 10, 2019

    The best! The only guy I will let play drums on my tracks. The performance is always spot on and the sound is great. Also I like that he provides a full kit mix down as part of his tracks so I can easily see how they fit into my mix.

  30. Review By: mbarch Feb 10, 2019


  31. Review By: mbarch Feb 10, 2019


  32. Review By: Davecork Feb 4, 2019

    5 stars all the way.....and some ! Thank you Brian...superb playing and sound !

  33. Review By: Davecork Feb 1, 2019

    Brian hits it out of the park yet again...A fantastic addition to the song I sent -

  34. Review By: blake375 Feb 1, 2019

    It was an absolute pleasure working with Brian. I was very happy with his drum tracks and he would be my first choice for any future projects.

  35. Review By: denash Jan 28, 2019

    Where is the 6 stars button?? cant find it.... great drumming, fast delivery and a great person!!!! The only problem is choosing which track to use!!!! I think that he hacked my computer because I was going to send him a demo of what I was looking for and before I did, he sent me exactly what I was imagining in my head!
    Thanks Brian!!! ******

  36. Review By: PhilBrooks Jan 27, 2019

    Great performance and one of the best sounding kits I have heard.

  37. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Jan 25, 2019

    Big thanks to Brian again for doing a great job. highly recommended

  38. Review By: PhilBrooks Jan 23, 2019

    Great experience as always!

  39. Review By: scobriggs Jan 22, 2019

    Always a top notch performance! The best drummer for your song!

  40. Review By: PhilBrooks Jan 20, 2019

    Awesome sounding drum tack. Far exceeded my expectations!

  41. Review By: bsprung Jan 9, 2019

    Another 1 take by Brian!! Dude is spot on and has a great ear for what works best for the song.

  42. Review By: mbarch Jan 1, 2019

    Once again, perfect and super fast.

  43. Review By: bsprung Dec 29, 2018

    Another one and done!! Nice Blues work my friend!!

  44. Review By: scrivvy Dec 25, 2018

    Incredibly gifted and so easy to work with. The best combination!
    Always a pleasure to work with the man from Louisiana.

  45. Review By: JohnnyWalylko Dec 17, 2018

    Fantastic!! Brian worked with me to get the sound I was looking for.. Beyond that, Brain is a great guy to work with: experienced, skilled, and loves jamming! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

  46. Review By: lojismith Dec 14, 2018

    This guy created a killer drum track for my rock song. Great job!

  47. Review By: bsprung Dec 12, 2018

    Another one and done!! Brian is the man!! Thanks!!

  48. Review By: bsprung Dec 11, 2018

    One and done!! Nailed it!! Thanks Brian!!!

  49. Review By: DavidW Dec 1, 2018

    Excellent as usual. Thank you.

  50. Review By: mbarch Nov 30, 2018

    Fantastic job with tricky song.

  51. Review By: bsprung Nov 29, 2018

    Bam!! One and done!! Brian is a pro!!!

  52. Review By: bsprung Nov 26, 2018

    Was a pleasure having Brian put his stick work on another song. Another great job!!!

  53. Review By: Davecork Nov 25, 2018

    "If you want a consummate professional who knows his way around a kit look no further than Brian" There, that's the school teacher assessment, lol, forget that, the man ROCKS, pure and I said , all feel, no filler....!:))))
    You'll never regret putting Brian on your track. A total pleasure to have you on my songs Brian....5 stars all the way.
    - Dave McGilton

  54. Review By: matteb Nov 20, 2018

    Once AGAIN, Brian hits it out of the park!!!!!

  55. Review By: justmechillun Nov 16, 2018

    GMSdrummer knows drums. There are many drummers hear that will give you a great performance, but I have learned a great performance doesn't mean great drum tracks. He has been invaluable to me, his knowledge of mixing, sound, miking, recording, eq, compression, reverb, rhythm and how to make drums sound great, I dont trust my songs with anyone else. This is an outstanding value...oh and by the way, he is truly an amazing and gifted drummer! A+++++

  56. Review By: mbarch Nov 13, 2018

    Just awesome, thank you Brian!

  57. Review By: justmechillun Nov 11, 2018

    This guy is the best. I don't even bother telling him what to play or how to play or what I think it needs any more I just send him the track and he sends back the drums. No revisions, always the best tone and feel. One less thing for me to worry about, I can focus on improving my parts! Brian is the best!

  58. Review By: chazegee Nov 10, 2018

    The man!

  59. Review By: justmechillun Nov 6, 2018

    Brian is the greatest great communication total Pro way above and beyond highly recommended

  60. Review By: mbarch Nov 3, 2018

    Thank you! Perfect!

  61. Review By: sonny Oct 31, 2018

    A really, really superb experience - both in terms of playing and communication. Brian instantly captured the feeling of the song and played accordingly. I will be back!! Highly recommended.

  62. Review By: Jagger1 Oct 30, 2018

    Running out of superlatives to describe how happy we are with Brian's work. I think this is our 10th track with Brian behind the kit. He's been great to work with and we're really looking forward to working with him on our second album.

  63. Review By: MRey Oct 21, 2018

    Thank you for another great job buddy!!

    ~ Michael Rey

  64. Review By: mbarch Oct 20, 2018

    As always, fantastic job

  65. Review By: Jagger1 Oct 15, 2018

    We love working with Brian. No fuss, no drama, totally accommodating and a great drummer to boot. He's brought our album to life :)

  66. Review By: justmechillun Oct 11, 2018

    GMSDRUMMER is the man. He works fast, and always delivers me the right jam the first time. Brian is a huge part of my process, I can rely on his parts being right for the song and of the highest quality. GREAT drum sound! THANKS, A+++

  67. Review By: mexikowski Oct 6, 2018

    Great work as always

  68. Review By: justmechillun Sep 23, 2018

    Brian is the best, we have now done about 20 songs together, no revisions. Kills it every time...and his drum sound is amazing! Always plays to the song, in support of the writing/vocals/arrangement . He creates the backbone for all my projects, he is awesome. All styles, acoustic and electronic, he does it all. Use him before he gets too busy!

  69. Review By: DavidW Sep 20, 2018

    Awesome. Thanks for the quick turnaround.

  70. Review By: Hundred Sep 17, 2018

    The gentleman always got me!
    Pretty Nice!!!

  71. Review By: DavidW Sep 17, 2018

    Excellent. Thanks!

  72. Review By: DavidW Sep 4, 2018

    It is always a pleasure working with Brian.

  73. Review By: scobriggs Sep 1, 2018

    An incredible job on a very difficult song and the drums were delivered with precision and expertise!

  74. Review By: jjlw225 Sep 1, 2018

    Amazing as always. Brian is a walking click track with soul. Been in bands together off and on for almost 20 years. I consider Brian a great friend of mine. Two thumbs up and 10 stars.

  75. Review By: Jagger1 Aug 27, 2018

    Great experience again with Brian. He never lets us down. We asked him for a big drum solo in this one and what he came up was amazing. Best drummer on airgigs.

  76. Review By: HugoInside Aug 27, 2018

    My favourite drummer on Airgigs!

  77. Review By: DavidW Aug 25, 2018


  78. Review By: DavidW Aug 20, 2018


  79. Review By: DavidW Aug 14, 2018

    Consistently excellent! Let's do more

  80. Review By: mbarch Aug 11, 2018

    Incredibly quick and just what the songs need.

  81. Review By: HugoInside Aug 10, 2018

    Another awesome drums for a rock song! Thanks Brian!

  82. Review By: justmechillun Aug 9, 2018

    This guy just continues to deliver the solid gold drum tracks as advertised . We have done in excess of 15 songs and each and every time he absolutely kills it. His talent, phrasing and tone are as good as it gets. Hire him asap!

  83. Review By: matteb Aug 9, 2018

    Another great job by Brian. At this point, to many to count.

  84. Review By: DavidW Aug 7, 2018

    Consistently excellent!

  85. Review By: HugoInside Aug 7, 2018

    Always a pleasure to work with Brian!

  86. Review By: HugoInside Aug 1, 2018

    Brian nailed it again, awesome as always!

  87. Review By: ianhollis Jul 31, 2018

    Excellent as always! 5 Stars *****

  88. Review By: DavidW Jul 29, 2018

    Brian is AWESOME in every way, style, recording, client support. This guy is good!

  89. Review By: jiznak2000 Jul 29, 2018

    Thanks so much again! You're definitely at the top of my favs list on Airgigs!

  90. Review By: scrivvy Jul 28, 2018

    Amazing work. Nailed it on the first take!

  91. Review By: peterrahill Jul 28, 2018

    That funky Brian... Man... I tellya...

  92. Review By: mbarch Jul 19, 2018

    Really great job! Very subtle, very strong.

  93. Review By: mbarch Jul 17, 2018

    Perfect on the first shot. Thank you!

  94. Review By: Jagger1 Jul 16, 2018

    Another Stella performance from Brian. Can't say enough good things about him. He's our number one for drums!!

  95. Review By: mbarch Jul 15, 2018

    Another fantastic job, thank you

  96. Review By: mbarch Jul 15, 2018

    Awesome job, thank you

  97. Review By: mbarch Jul 12, 2018

    Fantastic job first time through. Thank you!

    Here's the mixed song

  98. Review By: justmechillun Jul 11, 2018

    Brian is the energy in my projects, I send him something dull and boring and I get back a masterpiece. I am inspired to write by his performances. He should charge me double.

  99. Review By: scrivvy Jul 9, 2018

    Once again, the man delivers. World class performance that really understands the kernal of each song. You're always gonna be impressed with what this guy brings to the table.

  100. Review By: mbarch Jul 8, 2018

    Fantastic on the first take! Thank you!

  101. Review By: mbarch Jul 7, 2018

    Fantastic job! Thank you for doing it so well, so fast

  102. Review By: justmechillun Jul 4, 2018

    Crushed it again. Much appreciated, best on this site.

  103. Review By: mbarch Jul 4, 2018

    Awesome job. Thank you for patiently working this out with me. Here's the final mix:

  104. Review By: mbarch Jul 3, 2018

    Awesome to work with! Great Player.

  105. Review By: Brainsqueezed Jun 29, 2018

    Terrific sessions with Brian. Great drummer, fast, responsive and high quality tracks. Will continue working with him for sure.

  106. Review By: peterrahill Jun 28, 2018

    Another funsong completed - thanks Brian... U DUH MAN - Man. :0)

  107. Review By: Bazza Jun 23, 2018

    Thank you top notch as usual

  108. Review By: Brainsqueezed Jun 22, 2018

    Another great performance. Not an easy track as I had a lot of guidances. Always so easy to work with.

  109. Review By: MRey Jun 21, 2018

    Thank you Brian. Great job!

  110. Review By: justmechillun Jun 19, 2018

    Great as always, fast!

  111. Review By: Brainsqueezed Jun 17, 2018

    Great job again on this one.

  112. Review By: HugoInside Jun 16, 2018

    My favourite drummer on arigigs!

  113. Review By: justmechillun Jun 13, 2018

    GREAT performance once again!

  114. Review By: justmechillun Jun 12, 2018

    Another great project from Brian, thanks!

  115. Review By: Brainsqueezed Jun 12, 2018

    Fourth song with Brian. Great job and he got it at take one. Brian is now my goto session drummer for my whole project.

  116. Review By: Brainsqueezed Jun 10, 2018

    In addition of being a very good session drummer. Brian is a great person to work with. Very dedicated until you are 100% satisfied with the song. Will keep on working with him.

  117. Review By: scrivvy Jun 8, 2018

    Another massive performance by gmsdrummer. This guy really understands how to address the needs of each song.

  118. Review By: justmechillun Jun 8, 2018

    The best there is period. Great drummer!

  119. Review By: tutwelve Jun 7, 2018

    There's a reason why Brian has a solid 5-star rating from his clients. In addition to being a great session player, he's also a true professional. My experience working with him was excellent and he delivered exactly what my song needed in terms of groove, attitude and chops. I really appreciate the integrity and courtesy he displayed throughout the session and I'll definitely hire him again in the future.

  120. Review By: Brainsqueezed Jun 6, 2018

    First time with Brian. I have accepted the first take as it fitted directly with my song. The tracks are high quality recorded and the man is very nice to work with. Will keep on working with Brian for sure.

  121. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Jun 3, 2018

    5 Stars Brian does a great job and drums always sound awesome , highly recommended

  122. Review By: HugoInside Jun 2, 2018

    Brian provided another excellent track. Always a pleasure working with him. True professional in every sense of the word.

  123. Review By: Jagger1 May 30, 2018

    Total professional. Dedicated to getting it right. Brian’s an amazing drummer and part of our team now. Forget the rest choose the best.

  124. Review By: justmechillun May 29, 2018

    Great Job Brian, thanks again and again and again!

  125. Review By: justmechillun May 28, 2018

    This guy is amazing. Dont even bother looking at someone else. He is doing my whole album. I'm lucky to have found this site and this drummer.

  126. Review By: justmechillun May 23, 2018

    This guy...all he cares about is your satisfaction. He turns out high quality always but is totally open to your suggestions. A perfect partnership working with him, can not recommend enough!

  127. Review By: justmechillun May 17, 2018

    Bran is the best. He is your guy if you are looking for talent and someone who cares about your project. I asked the world of him and he delivers every time, and there have been lots of times at this point. There will be lots more for sure, hire him before he gets too busy with my next project:)

  128. Review By: justmechillun May 14, 2018

    Look no further, this guy delivers the fire to your drum track. Though that would be enough, he is also super easy to work with and care about your experience. I wouldn't hesitate, book now!I just signed him up for 4 more songs. Thanks!

  129. Review By: MRey May 12, 2018

    Great Job Brian. Thank you very much.

  130. Review By: happychild May 8, 2018

    Very good, quick job from Brian. No long discussions - perfect result. Thanks Brian.

  131. Review By: matteb May 7, 2018

    Once again, Brian knocked it out of the park. To put it succinctly, we found our drummer.

  132. Review By: scrivvy May 7, 2018

    gmsdrummer is a consummate professional with amazing abilities and a positive attitude. Way easy to work with. I’ve worked with lots of great drummers, but this guy has a feel for each song that is really special. Will definitely collaborate with him again in the future.

  133. Review By: HugoInside May 2, 2018

    Awesome as always!

  134. Review By: HugoInside May 2, 2018

    Awesome as always!

  135. Review By: HugoInside Apr 30, 2018

    Brian is very easy to deal with. It's not a problem doing as much takes as you want until you are satisfied. My first option when recording drums.

  136. Review By: Tomnewman85 Apr 21, 2018

    Really like Brians work, 2nd time working together, he is well worth it, came out great

  137. Review By: scrivvy Apr 19, 2018

    My first experience with this process. Couldn't have been easier! Excited to do it again soon!

  138. Review By: mtsongs Apr 19, 2018

    Brian Petry always delivers.. always! Once again a 5 star rated collaboration.

  139. Review By: ianhollis Apr 19, 2018

    Once again quality work, highly recommend!

  140. Review By: MRey Apr 15, 2018

    I'm absolutely speechless about the skill level and fast delivery time of Brian. He's a BEAST!! Order him today.

  141. Review By: ianhollis Apr 14, 2018

    5* Excellent!

  142. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Apr 11, 2018

    Awesome service AAA+

  143. Review By: Tomnewman85 Apr 11, 2018

    Great result. Easy to work with. What else is there to say. Really good service

  144. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Apr 10, 2018

    Brian is a legend

  145. Review By: ianhollis Apr 9, 2018

    Excellent! Highly recommended!

  146. Review By: Jagger1 Apr 9, 2018

    We've been working with Brian for a while now. Great musician who goes over and above the call of duty. Looking forward to the next one :)

  147. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Apr 3, 2018

    Used Brian on a few tracks now , professional fast service and plays his arse off 6 Stars

  148. Review By: mtsongs Apr 2, 2018

    It's an absolute pleasure working with Brian. He's become one of my all time top favorite drummers to work with. A 5 star rated recommendation.

  149. Review By: HugoInside Mar 30, 2018

    I just finished my 13th song with Brian. He nailed it again on the first go. Very professional and very easy to deal with! He will never let you down. Thanks again!

  150. Review By: HugoInside Mar 21, 2018

    Perfect groove and awesome sound. Brian is also very easy to deal with. What more could we ask for!

  151. Review By: sammusicnow Mar 18, 2018

    Thanks for the work, nicely done

  152. Review By: matteb Mar 13, 2018

    My song writing collaborator and I have known each other for almost 40 years. Seen a lot of musicians in that time. Many average, a few really good. Brian falls into the second category. Gave him freedom to play whatever he felt fit our song. We kinda’ had an idea of what we wanted, but wanted a drummers take on the song. He nailed it.
    The second project has been sent to him.

  153. Review By: sammusicnow Mar 11, 2018

    Thanks again

  154. Review By: sammusicnow Mar 8, 2018

    Great work, super fast, good ear and knows what you're saying even if you're not in the same room.

  155. Review By: Jagger1 Mar 6, 2018

    Another GREAT experience with Brian. He had a tricky job too, dropping 4/4 drums over a song in 3/4 . The results are amazing. I think we've found our permanent "go to" drummer. Nice one Brian.

  156. Review By: HugoInside Mar 5, 2018

    Awesome as always! I hired him more than 15 times with no complains, he often nail it on first take.

  157. Review By: mtsongs Feb 22, 2018

    Collaborating with my musical soul brother Brian, is once again a real joyride and a 5 star rated experience.

  158. Review By: peterrahill Feb 17, 2018

    Thanks to Brian's perseverance & adaptability, I'm looking forward to finishing up a big project that's been lingering around far too long. "CHEERS!" Brian... U DUH MAN - again. :0)

  159. Review By: Bazza Feb 16, 2018

    Thank you Bro for these great tracks. Looking forward to the next album.

  160. Review By: peterrahill Feb 10, 2018

    So nice - easy on the ears and the budget - to be able to import stereo WAV files of Brian's kit's tone & EQ settings
    and plug it right into our mixes. Thanks, again, Brian... Udduh Man, MAN!! :0)

  161. Review By: deerockcountry Feb 10, 2018

    I have worked with Brian on two songs so far and will definitely have him play on the other songs for my upcoming CD Backroad Symphony.
    Communication is key to getting everything right and Brian is the best hands down.It was no different than talking to him face to face in tbe recording studio.
    Saving the best part about working with Brian for last.He has a groove that feels great and his energy is felt when you listen back which is amazing!
    I could not be anymore pleased with the drums track

  162. Review By: Hundred Jan 30, 2018

    It was a funny and very PRO project.
    Brian asked me some question about running the project more smoothly.
    I was thinking how to make it.
    Then Brain sent the first version to me.
    and everything is in perfect.
    This project is done.
    How fast the man? How best the man? How Pro the man?
    10 star!!
    thanks Brain

  163. Review By: peterrahill Jan 30, 2018

    Once again, top-notch.

  164. Review By: Igor Jan 25, 2018

    Real pleasure to work with ! Very professional! Definitely recommend!

    Thank you!

  165. Review By: peterrahill Jan 21, 2018

    To whom it may concern:
    What I appreciate about Brian, and the reasons I will continue to request his help, well, there are several :
    1) prompt correspondence; 2) friendly, courteous, and professional demeanor; 3) attention to detail;
    4) ability and willingness to take directions (few were needed).
    Thank you, Brian... looking forward to more funsongs!

  166. Review By: HugoInside Jan 18, 2018

    Awesome as always!

  167. Review By: Adam187 Jan 17, 2018

    Excellent service and fantastic playing!

  168. Review By: Bazza Jan 17, 2018

    As always top performance!!

  169. Review By: mtsongs Jan 14, 2018

    An absolute pleasure working with Brian, as always.

  170. Review By: MRey Dec 20, 2017

    Brian Petry is needed on your song/s folks. There's no drummer more suited on Airgigs hands down, than Brian. He is quick, professional, and humble. Nobody on airgigs could care more about your song that him. Give him an idea of what you want and he'll run with it. He has far exceeded my expectations every time I receive his final take. Personally, I prefer the sound of his drum kit the way he mixes it. All I need to do is slip it into my mix and keep on moving forward. I prefer it this way.

  171. Review By: lawyer Dec 17, 2017

    Always a pleasure . .and great drum tracks! Thank you, Brian.

  172. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Dec 11, 2017

    7 stars , very fast and takes direction , the drum sound is well tuned and he grooves awesomely

  173. Review By: dougydoug Dec 5, 2017

    Great job again Brian! Thanks

  174. Review By: mexikowski Dec 5, 2017

    Great as always *****

  175. Review By: mexikowski Nov 23, 2017

    Great to work with *****

  176. Review By: Bazza Nov 21, 2017

    Once again a very big THANK YOU. Top professional who also adds his own touch and suitable suggestions to improve the groove and feeling of a song.
    Looking forward to the next batch!

  177. Review By: Virgilpublic Nov 18, 2017

    Always a pleasure to work with Brian. As usual, top notch results.

  178. Review By: Bazza Nov 18, 2017


  179. Review By: Hundred Nov 17, 2017

    Perfect... 10 stars!! I'll be back soon ^_^

  180. Review By: Bazza Nov 16, 2017

    Once again Top class! !

  181. Review By: Bazza Nov 14, 2017

    As always fantastic Groove

  182. Review By: Bazza Nov 11, 2017

    Once again Brian nailed it!

  183. Review By: bendikg Nov 11, 2017

    Again Brian knows exactly what kind of drumming my song needs, and manages to bring life to the song. Very professional, very quick, and very affordable. I’ll sure hire him again.

  184. Review By: Bazza Nov 8, 2017

    Once again Brian brings a Song to life!

  185. Review By: RobertArth Nov 7, 2017

    Brian is really a great musician. I highly recommend him. He plays the song, is patient and creative. I'm very very happy with his contribution to my songs. Thanks again Brian!

  186. Review By: RobertArth Nov 5, 2017

    Brian knows how to play the song instead of just hitting the kit. I really love what he did with my song. He has a great feeling, timing and groove. I love it! He is fast, professional and creative.

  187. Review By: Bazza Nov 4, 2017

    Once again fantastic performance from a guy who really "feels" the songs!!

  188. Review By: Bazza Nov 1, 2017

    Brian Petry is top professional drummer with an amazing feeling. After listening to his first takes I knew he was my man.! 5 Stars isn't enough!

  189. Review By: PThongplengsri Oct 19, 2017

    Brian is an amazing drummer who comes up with ideas I couldn't have thought of by myself and brings the songs to a whole different level!!! He is also such a nice person, always so patient with every little request and is the extremely responsible fast in his work/reply!!! Thank you so much Brian!!! :D :D :) :) Very grateful to have you on the songs!

  190. Review By: Virgilpublic Sep 22, 2017

    Excellent as usual. Always a pleasure to deal with.

  191. Review By: mexikowski Sep 18, 2017

    Great as always *****

  192. Review By: Igor Sep 17, 2017

    Super quick turnaround, Great Sound!
    will definitely come back with more projects! and definitely recommend!!!

    Many thanks!

  193. Review By: Virgilpublic Sep 16, 2017

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  194. Review By: mtsongs Sep 12, 2017

    Always a pleasure doing business with Mr. Petry.

  195. Review By: geraldemerick Aug 4, 2017

    Great drummer with a great attitude who works very fast.

  196. Review By: bendikg Jul 22, 2017

    This service is fantastic!
    The song I was working on were being dragged down by the lifeless drum sample I was using . So I hired Brian in hope of fixing that, and oh man, did he deliver. He knew exactly what beat would fit in every section and he brought that much more life to my song.
    So if you're in the same boat as me you really should hire him too and bring your song to the next level.
    I have found my go-to drummer, and I can’t recommend him enough.

  197. Review By: lawyer Jul 6, 2017

    excellent again.

  198. Review By: HugoInside Jun 28, 2017

    Brian has great groove, timing, sound and turnaround, and also the best value for the money if you are looking for profesional drums. We'll be in touch soon my friend!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  199. Review By: HugoInside Jun 10, 2017

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    He's got the ear! The ear for music!

  205. Review By: lassegst Apr 10, 2017

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  208. Review By: judah8 Mar 15, 2017

    A monstrous drummer!

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    Brian is one of the most extreme professionals I've ever worked with in my entire 26 years in the music business. I
    Michael Rey - Country Songwriter recommend him highly. Too bad there's only 5 stars to rate him at. 10 ********** TEN STARS!!

  210. Review By: pmyers1 Mar 8, 2017

    Another fantastic job. Thank you again for the fast turnaround!

  211. Review By: lawyer Feb 24, 2017

    Brian is a brilliant drummer . Everything was fine - very good contact and Brian delivered very fast. I will book again.

  212. Review By: happychild Feb 7, 2017

    hahaha, exactly in this order. My next steps are editing, mixing & mastering. Afters this CD production, video clip production (3-4 Youtube teaser). I will inform you, if something is online. And yes, I´ll send you a CD with signature from the artist, when finished. By the way many thanks for your good jobs. You´re a really good drummer Brian. It was very nice to work with you. Future: I´ll send you jobs from other projects my friend, BR Eric.

  213. Review By: pmyers1 Feb 4, 2017

    Best drummer I've ever worked with. Thanks again!!

  214. Review By: happychild Jan 23, 2017

    Many thanks for this perfect and quick job. Good drums, good sound, good playing.

  215. Review By: happychild Jan 16, 2017

    Fast, perfect service, excellent drum player, good quality WAV-Rec. Thanks for all.

  216. Review By: happychild Jan 14, 2017

    Like every job from Brian - best job! I make 11 Songs with him, what a boy, perfect. Eric.

  217. Review By: pmyers1 Jan 12, 2017

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  218. Review By: judah8 Jan 8, 2017

    The man can deliver great work even through the worst of storms. Awesome!!!

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  222. Review By: happychild Nov 21, 2016

    And again a superbe job from Brian. Quick, good timing & groove. Many thanks. I´ll send him the next song.

  223. Review By: happychild Oct 15, 2016

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    Excellent Dynamic Drummer! Submitted an uptempo song and he nailed the energy we were looking for. Highly recommended.

  227. Review By: SchoolBus Sep 13, 2016

    Terrific Energetic Drummer! Took an uptempo pop song we submitted and punched it up wonderfully. Perfect timing when playing to a click track. Will definitely use him again!

  228. Review By: Yayarue99 Sep 6, 2016

    Great communication and great drummer.

  229. Review By: HugoInside Aug 27, 2016

    Perfect as always! Thanks Brian!

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    I couldn't be happier. Gmsdrummer is such a creative, professional and dedicated drumner.

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    Crème De La Crème

  232. Review By: judah8 Jul 30, 2016

    killer drummer

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    First experience on airgigs was very good.

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  243. Review By: judah8 May 30, 2016

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    The most patient and talented professional I have ever worked with. Brian did atleast 50 revisions and maintained his standards throughout the process. He is the best !!!

  245. Review By: HugoInside May 7, 2016

    Awesome player and awesome drums sound. Unbeatable!

  246. Review By: BlueJayRoad May 3, 2016

    If you're considering getting drums for your song, you came to the right place. Excellent musician and easy to work with, the first take (the practice take) was so good it became the final take for the song

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    Brian is the man! Love this dude!

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  252. Review By: adamsterling Mar 21, 2016

    Brian is fantastic to work with. He's been able to turn my songs around quickly and come back with exactly what I'm looking for, but can add his own excellent ideas to elevate the songas well. He communicates very well - which is a huge bonus for someone like me, who doesn't know a ton about drums.

  253. Review By: IanRio Mar 21, 2016

    love the result!

  254. Review By: lassegst Mar 19, 2016

    Do you need drums for your song? Don't leave this page, click the order button right now! Brian is a pleasure to work with, he brings life and groove into your songs. As long as he is available here there's no need to look for another drummer. Thank you man!

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  258. Review By: wilderleemusic Mar 3, 2016

    FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!!!! From the very start Brian was so easy to get a long with and listened to every nuance and idea I had for the track. Patient and a real professional. Don't hesitate to purchase from this seller, incredible experience! Will not hesitate to purchase again and again!

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    Best experience with online drummer! Fast delivery, fast communication, awesome sound and playing, and great price!

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    Fantastic drumming and great communication. Great meter, solid playing and a total professional!

  267. Review By: aleclivinghouse Dec 23, 2015

    Did multiple revisions. Gave me exactly what I wanted. Great guy who's easy to work with.

  268. Review By: pmyers1 Dec 22, 2015

    Outstanding job. Great communication and rock solid drumming. Can't wait to send you more!

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  271. Review By: WolfmanJackJr Nov 14, 2015

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    Best drummer to deal with! Great work, rapid and perfect! Seriously one of the best musician I've ever listen and had the pleasure to work with!

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  277. Review By: thickage Jun 17, 2015


  278. Review By: thickage Jun 11, 2015

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