Create a video loop for Spotify Canvas for $30

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Create a video loop for Spotify Canvas for $30

Do you want to increase your Spotify track shares by 145%? Playlist adds by 20%? Streams by 5% Profile visits by 9%?

Spotify has now rolled out CANVAS to all users - you now have an opportunity to create a stunning visual CANVAS loop for your Spotify tracks, adding that touch of professionalism.

All videos used are royalty free, and formatted exactly per Spotify's specifications. So any order you make will work FIRST TIME via Spotify. If your not satisfied, I will work with you until you are 100% that you get what you want.

Contact me direct if you have any questions. Im new to Fiverr, but have been doing music videos and album artwork for years on other platforms.

Check out my own CANVAS work on my own tracks on Spotify


"Love is a 4 letter word" -

"Still Can't Get to Sleep" -

watch on your mobile for best experience.

Any questions, please feel free to DM me.

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