Southeast based mixing / mastering engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. With 25 years experience in mixing and mastering - including Major Labels, Indie-labels, BBC, PBS - I will take upmost care to make your project sound unique and inspiring.

I've also worked as a touring and studio musician (guitar, keyboards, and percussion) - and am dedicated to creating the best sounds possible.

All of my work is 100% guaranteed.

I work in a hybrid studio - with plenty of outboard gear including vintage echo units (Echorec, Space Echo), reverbs (Lexicons, AKG), compressors (Neve, Chandler), and EQ's. I have two tape machines: Studer A80 and Revox PR99 mkII (with transformer upgrades). On the digital end, I use Pro Tools 12, Logic Pro X, Dangerous Converters, Universal Audio Apollo 8, and plenty of plugins. Analog summing through a Studer 962 side-car console.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding custom orders for small or large projects. I do plenty of work for small bands that are just getting started, so don't hesitate to ask about prices for your custom project.