Online editing - Time-aligning for $100

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Online editing - Time-aligning for $100

Recording a sound, tracking a performance, capturing an emotion is truly an art, where each effort should be made in carefully targeting each decision towards the intended result. The right tools, the right environment, the right techniques and the right performer are just some of the infinite variables which need to be perfect to get the perfect result. But life isn’t perfect and sometimes perfection is just out of reach… this is where the Lab comes into play! Send us your recordings requiring remedial or (why not?) artistic editing, we’ll use all of our tools and experience to deliver you the best result by adjusting, polishing and perfecting your material.

Professional time-aligning service
One draft watermarked .mp3 file for your review (1 revision is included)
One professionally edited file, delivered in the same format we receive from you

One or more high quality audio file(s), at the highest resolution possible (44.1 kHz / 24 bit .wav or more is ideal). You can send us more than one track for the same instrument (e.g. if you have a multitrack drumset recording, we will work on all the drumset tracks, doing the same correction on all of them. Same for a multi-mic guitar recording etc.). However, you can not send us tracks belonging to different instruments (e.g. drumset + guitar)
Any suggestion, requirement, desire, explanation about your needs (e.g. specific issues you want to solve)
A reference to work with (the instrumental base, a metronome reference or tempo map would all be great)

Additional information about your artistic and sonic goal. Would you like a natural correction or should it be an effect? Would you like perfect timing for each note or a more «natural» performance is better?
The lyrics of your song (if providing a vocal track)
An authorisation to add your song to our portfolio
Full credit on your release(s). We will give you information about the correct credits for our service, and we’d really appreciate it

SPECIAL BUNDLE - Does the track belong to something you would like us to mix? In this case the editing service can be bundled! Tuning will be discounted

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