Crafting a Great Commercial Song for $75

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Crafting a Great Commercial Song for $75


My list of credits for Songwriting includes penning and winning "Song of the Year" on the Josie Awards in 2017, been signed as a Staffwriter with Faverett Entertainment Group, had 20 something cuts with Indie Artists including 5 singles, 4 title tracks, and more by other Artists. As an Artist in Country Music, I have had 2 singles on radio with one garnering over 20,000 combined spins on terrestrial and internet radio, won the Horizon Award, had a Number One on County Line Radio, appeared on "Nashville" the T.V. show, been named Monster Truck Artist of the Year, and more.

My prices are as follows:
1) Critiquing your song lyrics and melody for only $50 per song
2) Critiquing and suggesting new lines of lyric for only $85 per song
3) Writing a melody to a lyric (without lyrical changes) $65 per song
4) Writing a melody to a lyric (with lyrical changes) $95 per song
5) For guitar/vocal recording when I only added a melody to lyric-$100 per song
6) For guitar/vocal recording when I change some lyrics-$135

There is a chance if I REALLY REALLY (and I stress REALLY) like your song that I'll record it, however, it would take a GREAT song especially lyric for this to happen since I have 1200 songs that I have penned myself.

*Note, the only reason I might need (probably won't take five) 20 days maximum to work on your critique is due to touring alot this year and if I'm on the road, it's tough to be around internet at times. I will most likely though, have a much faster turnaround time and will do my best!

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