High Quality Topline and Songwriting for $250

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High Quality Topline and Songwriting for $250

What's up, my name is Gee Smiff! I'm a songwriter and topliner specializing in genres such as Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop (I've done EDM and Country as well). I have a knack for finding catchy melodies and capitalizing on the vibe of the song. I've had songs picked up by major publishing companies like Warner Chappell, I've written songs for multiple commercials, and have worked with many indie artists.

Listed below are the services I provide:

• Demo Reference Singing
• Writing top-lines over beats
• Writing melodic hooks and features for Rappers

Full Songwriting : 100% writer, 50% publishing
Co-Writes: 50% writer, 25% publishing
Hooks: 50% writer, 20% publishing

All my vocals are tracked in a clean recording environment and into Pro Tools. When hired I supply all clients with high quality WAV files At 48k sample rate and 24-bits. Ad libs, dubs, and commentary (by request) will be included in the package as well. It may take me up to 5 days to deliver the vocals (this is the maximum; sooner return time is possible and happens the majority of the time).

Each client has two revisions. A revision can be used either to change how I approach the verse or revise the content of the lyrics. Let's get to work!

*This is not a work-for-hire job. If you are interested in purchasing work-for-hire services please contact me for pricing.*

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Melody Rap
  • Phobia
  • Shallow
  • Out Of You

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