Songwriting Topline & Lyrics for $400

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Songwriting Topline & Lyrics for $400

With over 300 million streams as a vocalist and writer, and major cuts in Pop, Indie, Country, and CCM, I can help bring the commercial hooks to your melodies and lyrics and help your song have it's best shot in a tough industry.

Here's how it works:

If I write both the lyrics and the topline, I require to share 50% of the publishing on the song. If it's one without the other, the publishing percentage is 25%.

Unlimited revisions (within reason). We'll keep working on it until you're 100% satisfied.

I'm also available to sing the song for an additional fee.

Lift My Eyes - I Am They

I co-wrote this song with my band I Am They
  • Lift My Eyes - I Am They
  • Deeper - Morello Twins
  • Hook Up - Lost Saints

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