Professional songwriting & lyrics. Singer/songwriter, folk, indie, alternative etc. for $350

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Professional songwriting & lyrics. Singer/songwriter, folk, indie, alternative etc. for $350

My name is Daniel Cherote. I am a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. I'm 30 years old. I'm half Lebanese, half Anglo-Saxon. I write & record music from my home studio in Ashfield. I use logic pro X. I have about 12 guitars, 4 electrics, a 6 and 12 string acoustic, a few basses & a nylon. I also have an upright piano and a few keyboards including a midi to get those lovely logic string sounds ;) I have released 10 singles and am about to release my first album. I was lucky enough to have my debut single make it onto a Spotify editorial playlist and now has close to 5 million streams. I played a lot of shows in my early 20's and was a full-time working guitar player. I'm more into being in the studio these days, home and abroad.

I love writing songs. I'm into Dylan, Rodriguez, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, Willie Nelson, Elvis, Prince, The Beatles, Jessica Pratt, Aldous Harding, Lou Reed, JJ Cale, Hendrix and so many more. I just love songs, good songs.

I will happily write lyrics to a progression that you have or even if you just have a vision of a song with a certain subject, I can compose chords and lyrics for you. I can also just help out with revising lyrics or the arrangement or introducing a more interesting progression. Whatever it may be, I'm happy to get down and dirty with it.

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  • Folk
  • Soul
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  • Funk
  • Blues

It Still Hurts

Daniel Cherote
  • It Still Hurts
  • Two Hearts
  • There's No Time Anymore
  • Hey You
  • What Makes The World Go Round?

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