Award winning multi Platinum Nashville Songwriter for $295

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Award winning multi Platinum Nashville Songwriter for $295

I’ve written with major country artists like Brothers Osborne, Brett Eldredge, Little Big Town, Mackenzie Porter, Jason Aldean and many, many more. My songs have been recorded by all of them as well as Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Leann Rimes, Billy Currington, Meatloaf, Randy Bachman and dozens of other artists all over the world. I've also written pop, jazz, Broadway, folk, progressive rock, Americana and even a Hungarian Fugue (long story). Don't waste thousands of $ trying to promote a mediocre song you saved a couple hundred dollars writing. Let me help you create something amazing at the outset that listeners will love. It will pay off in the long run trust me.

I studied lyrics and composition at Berklee College of Music and have returned to teach Master Classes. I have worked on the legendary Music Row here in Nashville for the past 25 years as a staff songwriter for some of the largest publishers in the world including Sony, Universal, BMG and Warner Chappell and my songs have sold over 20 million units worldwide. In addition to being a writer, I also have a first hand understanding of how songs are crafted, how the music industry works, how songs are recorded and how artists are discovered. Check out my website or wiki page for more bio including jazz, pop and musical theater accomplishments.

I'll write one for you or help you fix what you've got to get it to sound like a hit. Whatever you need I can provide. I can work from an idea you have, a title, a hook, a melody, or I can do something completely original based on what you're looking for.

During our time working together I will share invaluable lessons I have learned from my lifetime of experience as a professional songwriter. I am an open book and ready to guide, critique, contribute, answer questions, share anecdotes, whatever.

My rates start at $295 for basic lyric and song-doctoring. I also offer services such as composing music, lyrics, or both, professional coaching/mentoring, demo production etc. Rates vary depending on what you need. Everything is negotiable and I am very easy to work with. My services include but aren't limited to:
Demo production
Music Business coaching

We'll start out by determining your goal and how I can help, and won't be done till we are both 100% satisfied with every element. You won’t be disappointed. Let's do this!

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Carrie Underwood

That's Where It Is/Release
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