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My name is Amanda and I am a full-time singer-songwriter-producer whose literal job it is to make sure your project is taken to the next level.

I've written hundreds of songs with hundreds of artists over the years ranging from pop, country, R&B, cinematic sync placements, to custom birthday and wedding songs.

I've had vocal performances and writing optioned for Hallmark Film and TV, MTV, TLC, and others.

Writing, singing, and music production are my passions, and I would love to help you create the best record possible!

If you are interested in a 48-HOUR EXPRESS SERVICE, I also offer that!

If you happen to be only interested in VOCALS, WRITING or DEMO PRODUCTION separately, I also offer that! Just shoot me a message!
I will review your lyrics & melody & make suggestions and edits on how to improve them based on my 10+ years experience in writing lyrics and melodies.
This service includes some re-writing and in-depth feedback.
I'll go into things like: Does the message come across? Is it catchy? Is it too wordy? Not enough words? Does it fit the vibe of the instrumentation? Etc.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My Rates:
Lead Vocals - $225
Harmonies/Adlibs/Backings — 150
Songwriting - $200
Demo Production - $150 (typically an acoustic guitar or piano instrumentation with drums and bass - enough to create a demo of your song! *you will need to send me your vocals)
Songwriting Revision & Feedback - $50
Rushed Delivery (2 Day) - $35
Vocal Production (Tuning, Timing, EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay) - $25
I have a sound-treated studio space and record with a Blue Bluebird XL mic and use Logic Pro

The above rates only apply to songs less than 5 minutes. Longer duration songs are negotiable.

Background/Harmony vocals cover up to 2 individual sections. Choruses with different lyrics or melody count do not count as the same individual section.
Cancellation Fee is 50% (unless it was my due diligence)

Any questions? Send me a message!


Singer, Writer, & Co-Producer
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  • "Selfish Fool"

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