Topliner/Songwriter/Vocalist - Ethereal, Haunting, Warm Vocals for $450

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Topliner/Songwriter/Vocalist - Ethereal, Haunting, Warm Vocals for $450


I’m VAYY aka Stephanie Yavelow — recording artist, session vocalist & songwriter, currently residing in The Netherlands. Los Angeles is my 2nd home where I’ve recorded at several studios, including Capitol Records… but my favorite place to record is still my home studio! My original music (produced by Mawk Phoenix) has had many placements in shows/TV through Universal Music Publishing & A-List Records and you’ll also hear my vocals in an awesome video game coming out soon.

I love adding that ethereal, emotional, or haunting essence to the music and can’t wait to hear about your project!

I use the Avantone Pro CV-12 —a tube condensor mic with a gorgeous sound, in Logic Pro X.

You will receive the dry vocal + vocal with effects (reverb/delay etc.) as a WAV & mp3 file of all the takes.

Here's little more insight into my approach:

- You send me the production/instrumental you have and we discuss your vision for it (story, lyrics, feel, emotions, etc). I like to plan a brief video call during this stage to meet each other and talk more about your project!
- I get to work and send you back my first recorded idea(s)/take(s) for the melody and/or lyrics.
- You let me know your thoughts and notes. Based on your feedback I either build on the original idea or adjust the direction accordingly. Honest communication is key here ‘cause it’s always my priority that you’re happy with the song!
- I continue recording and send you the second take.
- Often times we are already there at this point, and otherwise another revision is included to make sure the final result matches your vision!


Every project is unique! If you only need a topline for the chorus for example, please feel free to reach out and we’ll discuss a fitting adjusted price for your specific wishes.

$450 — Melody + Lead Vocal (using your existing lyrics)
$600 — Melody + Lyrics + Lead Vocal

$250 — Harmonies/Background Vocals

PACKAGE DEAL ($50 discount):

$650 — Melody + Lead + Harmonies/Background Vocals
$850 — Melody + Lyrics + Lead Vocals + Harmonies/Background Vocals

*1-3 takes for the first lyrical/melodic idea(s) + 2 revisions
* Depending on the project, a percentage of shares may be negotiated

Please reach out if you have any questions. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!

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