Song writing for any genre for $85

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Song writing for any genre for $85

We are a singer-songwriter duo based out of Sydney, Australia. We have considerable experience in the study and performance of Contemporary music and between the two of us, we specialize in multiple genres. Anshu has a panache for r&b, electronic pop, funk and soul, while Arnab is an expert in Rock and Progressive Rock and indie/jazz. We like to create original music, right from the conception of musical ideas, music motifs or themes, lyrics, vocal melody, song arrangement and harmonies. We have been working in our individual capacity and as a group for over 10 years now. Airgigs, gives us the opportunity to use our experience and collaborate with other musicians looking for direction with their music. In this regard, we can offer the following services:

- Songwriting - lyric writing, song construction (vocal melody parts, harmonies, etc..)
- Vocal duet parts
- Composition and Arrangement

Please listen to our original music provided as samples to get an idea of our musical direction and variety.

Do get in touch if you want us to write songs, compose some melodic parts or if you are looking for a female and male singer for any particular project.

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