Song writing for any genre for $85

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Song writing for any genre for $85

Hey , Just saw your ad on songwriter needed.
If you are lookign for highly creative and fast delivery songwriter,
You are at the right place, look no further.
I have great lyric writing capability powered by gifted imagination.Promise you will be happy with my service, plus
I am super open to re takes and my price is low too.

About me:-
I am a singer-songwriter based out of Sydney, Australia. Have considerable experience in the study and performance of Contemporary music
I specialize in multiple genres, have a panache for r&b, electronic pop, funk ,soul Rock ,Progressive Rock and indie/jazz.

I love to create original music, right from the conception of musical ideas, music motifs or themes, lyrics, vocal melody, song arrangement and harmonies.
een doign this for 10 years now.

My services:-
- Songwriting - lyric writing, song construction (vocal melody parts, harmonies, etc..)
- Vocal duet parts
- Composition and Arrangement

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