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Songwriter for $150

Hi! My name is Dolores Visentini. Seven years ago, I started my music career singing professionally. In the meantime, I discovered my love for playing analog and digital synthesizers, so I built a home studio with them to compose and produce music.

I'm passionate about expressing through music by creating and producing it. I can make different kinds of tracks, songwriting, and singing along with the synthesizers. I can also record vocals in Spanish, English, and Italian.

The genres that identify me and will suit your project are pop music, 80's, 90's, jazz music, r&b, electronic house music, ambient, relaxing, or meditating music.

- I make tracks for social media posts. I use my synthesizers for creating them.
- I create music for Meditation and Yoga sessions.
- I create songs for different Children's Music Projects.
- I create music for shows.
- I record singing tracks for advertisement campaigns and music projects.

I love creating music with the sound of analog synthesizers and do not generally use digital computer sounds. I use synthesizer tracks for making music. That is why my studio is composed of drum machines (Elektron Digitakt, Roland TR-s), analog synthesizers (Roland jx8p, Moog Mother-32, Arturia Microbrute) and digital synthesizers (Bolsa Bass, Pocket operator), and a variety of microphones for recording singing and acoustic instruments.

Empathy, sensitivity, and creativity are skills that allow me to be versatile when composing music of different styles and genres. I love the adventure of new challenges, and I'm looking forward to helping with your project too!

  • House
  • Pop
  • Electronic
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • R&B
  • Ambient

Deeper Inside

Pop- house song
  • Deeper Inside
  • Chakras
  • Ocean Set

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