I will write and record an original song for your newborns birth for $300

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I will write and record an original song for your newborns birth for $300

I will professionally STRUCTURE, RECORD, MIX and MASTER an original lullaby for your newborn baby!

I am a professional kids music artist that goes by the name Mr. Josh I write all my now songs for my own projects as well as others. I have been writing song for 16 years and have attended songwriting classes during my time at Berklee College of Music. I have worked for professional songwriting companies such as Songfinch and music publishers such as Song Placement Pro's.

I have experience in both taking peoples song idea's and turning them into full structured songs, doing all the instrumentation, vocals, programing, mixing and mastering as well as writing songs for people from scratch that bring them to tears (of joy!) and I would be happy to do the same for you!

My kids music has been featured on PBS, Fox News Good Day You Gotta Hear This, Radio Active Kids Podcast, Good Stuff Kids Podcast, Benny Time Podcast, Tacoma Daily Index and The South Whidbey Record. My Mr. Josh Feelings album was also used as an early childhood education reference for pre-school teachers by the University of Washington in the book Unpacking the Pyramid Model: A Practical Guide for Preschool Teachers.

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My Body Feels Tired

A lullaby from my children's album
  • My Body Feels Tired

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