Songwriting for $350

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Songwriting for $350

Have lyrics, thoughts or words you'd like to see in a song? Have singer/songwriter Daniel Ribeiro worry about the music. With 18 years of experience in writing, performing, and recording Daniel lays this at your disposal. Price is subject to negotiation if your order is for a group of songs.

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  1. Review By: ratishsekhar Dec 7, 2018

    This is a very special order for me. We took a while to complete the song but the results are outstanding.
    Daniel is such a gifted musician, guitarist and a terrific Singer... it was a pleasure working with you on this song my friend... you were able to capture my vision :-)

  2. Review By: riopaso Mar 6, 2018

    Another great job by Daniel Thanks much.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  3. Review By: riopaso Aug 28, 2017

    Daniel is a wizard. Another great job.

  4. Review By: riopaso Jun 30, 2017

    Daniel is a magician. He brought haunting soul to my song. Highly recommend.

  5. Review By: fdribeiro Feb 6, 2017

    Producer has a talent. Very good job. I love the final result.