Expert Rap Vocals for $200

In Rap Artists 100% Guarantee By Gee Smiff

Expert Rap Vocals for $200

CREDITS: MTV, Electronic Arts, Powerade, ESPN, NBC, and others…

Hire me and you will receive nothing less than an amazing performance. I have been rapping for over a decade now, and have cultivated a unique flow that is bound to take your song to the next level. I'm also very versatile, no matter the genre or style of music (Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, EDM. Explicit or Clean), I can still get the job done. I have worked with 50+ artists from local up&comers to bigger names.

All my vocals are tracked in a clean recording environment and into Pro Tools. When hired I supply all clients with high quality WAV files At 48k sample rate and 24-bits. Ad libs, dubs, and commentary (by request) will be included in the package as well. It may take me up to 3 days to deliver the vocals (this is the maximum; sooner return time is possible and happens the majority of the time). Each client has two revisions. A revision can be used either to change how I approach the verse or revise the content of the lyrics. Let's get to work!

*Pre-written material (lyrics that you write) are accepted, however, all lyrical content that I write will be owned solely by me unless properly compensated. Jobs where I write the lyrics are not a "work for hire" job and require a split of royalties as an addition to the $150 service fee. If you are interested in a "work for hire" job, please specify how many sections you'd like me to write (verses, hook, bridge, etc) and I will send a custom quote your way.

Roll In Peace (Freestyle)

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