Songwriter - Rock, Metal, Punk, Pop-Punk EVERY INSTRUMENT for $400

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Songwriter - Rock, Metal, Punk, Pop-Punk EVERY INSTRUMENT for $400

Hey there! My name's Jim & I'm a UK based musician. I've been writing/producing music & lyrics for 10+ years. Whereas I am predominantly a rock/metal musician, I do also write pop, indie & classical music.

Got an idea that you're just not sure where to go with it? Got a lyrical idea which requires the perfect atmosphere? Maybe you have a song & just need some 'spice'? I'm your guy.

I will write all of the music, lyrics & vocals, once completed you will own the rights to this song (as I am acting as an artist for hire). I can send over audio files or the Logic Pro X project upon request (no extra fee). This can include drums (programmed, Steven Slate VST), guitar, keyboards, synthesisers, orchestral, vocals & many more. This will include 2 x revisions.

Speakers - KRK x 2
Interface - Focusrite Scarlet
Device - Apple Macbook
DAW - Logic Pro X
Microphone: SHURE SM7b
Guitar - Fender Telecaster
Additional Relevant Softwares - Steven Slate, Positive Grid, WAVES, Kontact, Spitfire Audio, Kontakt
MIDI Keyboard: Nektar IMPACT GX49

Once I have completed the track, I will send over a bounced MP3. Once you are happy with this, I will send over the WAV (high quality file).

If you require mixing & mastering of this track, this is also a service I provide, please see the audio sample attached, 'Siren'. I will gladly mix & master the track for an additional $100!

Feel free to drop me a message if you have any enquiries!

Cheers, Jim,

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Music, Lyrics, Recording, Mixing & Mastering by Jim Dummer
  • Siren
  • Floor Gazer
  • Assign A Number

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