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Lyric Writing / Poetry / Songwriting for $200


My names Josh, i'm a freelance lyricist whose written over 200 songs & lyrics and I and am based in London. My experience involves a lot of UK bands and primarily focuses on heavier genres. I also record through a full home studio set up to get perfect vocal takes and have resources available to me for professional recording. I will listen to your track and ideas for the words and will compose the lyrics over 3 days before sending you back the first revision. The rest of the process can be worked on with you to get the best result and can be done over 7 revisions. You can message me with any ideas or thoughts and I like to have plenty of communication with the artist. I am able to do more tracks but get in touch and we can work something out.

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Antistar Superchrist - Long Legged Creatures

Politically charged dance track written for Leeds band Long Legged Creatures
  • Antistar Superchrist - Long Legged Creatures
  • Eine Gute Idee - Soybomb
  • Come on Aileen - HORSPIT

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