Have a song in mind but cant finish writing it? for $150

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Have a song in mind but cant finish writing it? for $150

I will work on your song in my full home studio so it is structurally completed ready and finished BEFORE studio recording.

My process:
I will send back the lyrics/chords of the song in different variations on the track and see what sticks with the artist, and using the your notes and over the course of more revisions I will be able to create the perfect lyrics/song for you. At the end of the process I will send back a bounce of me singing the song, a lyric sheet and a chord chart so you can learn and re-record the song yourself.

I have worked with artists from many different genres including Pop, Punk, Lo-fi, Dance Music, Jazz and Folk and am open to all types of music. I hve extensive writing and performance experience so I understand what works well live, as well as on record.

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  • Neo soul

Petit Fluer

soft, acoustic, folk, singer-songwriter
  • Petit Fluer
  • Barbed Wire Eyelashes
  • Come on Aileen
  • Antistar Superchrist

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