Songwriting delivered in 1 hour or less for $100

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Songwriting delivered in 1 hour or less for $100

Since the end of May I have written 150 songs. Variations of bars, freestyle, spoken word tracks, r&b, pop, rock, acoustic, top 40 with hooks, verses, bridges.

Topics I feel I am strong with:
Social issues, injustice, hypocrisy, theories of things deemed conspiracy (logically)falling in love, losing love (heartbreak), overcoming obstacles, self-worth, positive affirmations, mental health, identity issues, self-love

The topic or idea that you select, I would need (roughy) a window of no more than 20 minutes, to educate, familiarize myself on your subject if I am not already educated. Any key points you would want exaggerated, or placed as the focal point. if you have an idea, and need help with collaboration, direction, or have no idea what you want in a song, bt you have an instrumental, I can deliver it via zoom. Yes, I will write the entire piece in front of you and/or video.

Unsure, or skeptical? I will provide you a brief sample same way I plan to create the song of your dreams.

Royalty, rights will be further discussed depending on the nature of work,

  • Reggae
  • R&B
  • Neo soul
  • House
  • Singer-Songwriter

AIP (Awakened in Peace)

Rapping flow. Do not own the rights to this instrumental.
  • AIP (Awakened in Peace)
  • Sorry

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