Lyricist: I Will Create Inspiring Lyrics and a Melody for Your Song for $75

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Lyricist: I Will Create Inspiring Lyrics and a Melody for Your Song for $75


I will create inspiring lyrics for any melodic genre of music. I have a true passion for telling stories through music; so with just a handful of details we can create something memorable together. I have a bachelor's degree in music and I've been producing original music professionally for seven years.

I have written lyrics to accompany cheeky indie tracks, rock opera/ musical inspired arrangements, Songs with Celtic Attitude, RnB, Pop, EDM, Goth, Pop-Punk, Retro, Country, Rock, Symphonic Metal, Intros, Outros, and more. If your track needs a melody line and a message I have you covered.

-This Job is for lyrics and melody for 1 track.

-I will complete up to 4 revisions in order to ensure that we are able to convey the story that you want to tell in a way that speaks to you and your audience.

When this Job is complete you will own the full rights to the lyrics, and may use them however you see fit.

I will be credited on the track as your lyricist, and reserve the right to use them as references for promotional purposes.

The method of delivery will vary some depending on your unique needs.

-If you are working on a traditional arrangement using Finale I would be more than happy to input the lyrics and melody directly to your project on your file for you in addition to providing an organized .txt file of the lyrics on their own.

-If you need lyrics and melody for a modern arrangement that you have created using a DAW I will provide you with an organized .txt file, and a midi of the melody line.

-In both situations I will provide a vocal guide for reference purposes. I will only provide ONE vocal guide with no further revisions.

Among the Stars

A Retrowave track about being ghosted by a friend. [wrote lyrics and melody]
  • Among the Stars
  • Delita & Ovelia
  • Paradise [Mikau's Theme from Zelda: Majora's Mask]

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