Song writer-- Lyric Song Doctor for $500

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Song writer-- Lyric Song Doctor for $500

My name is Schantell Wharton–ASCAP
I will review your existing lyrics and fix any problems you are having with them.
I can help with writers block. I will help you rewrite your lyric and provide in-depth feedback to take your song to the best lyric it can be. My strengths are hooks and lyrics.
Lyric examples:

I have written over 200 songs. I write in Country, Pop, R& B, CCM, Indie, Folk and Soundtrack. I have 13 years experience as a professional songwriter. My passion is songwriting. I am a prolific writer of Blues, Country, R&B/Soul, Pop,Christian, Spoken Word, Folk, Americana.
I love a good love song. And I love writing a good love song. I have more songs at wharton. My personal favorite is "He Tells Me Everyday"

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Need a song from scratch - ask about my custom songs

co-writes credit: 50%
original songs credits:50%
I am an ASCAP member.
I am an active member of Songtown, SongU and NASI.

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