Lyrics, Melody and Top Line for your song for $400

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Lyrics, Melody and Top Line for your song for $400

Welcome! My name is Miu Haiti, a singer and songwriter based out of New Jersey, USA. I have 10+ years of studio and live performance, songwriting experience and I am available to provide lyrics and melody for your song!

I will professionally write lyrics in any style to your musical track (excluding Rap). I will then create a suitable vocal melody to the lyrics and record them to a musical track provided by you. I will provide up to 3 additional tracks of layering and harmonies.

If you have an idea or theme, I will be more than happy to work around that. If you don't, it’s totally fine. I will put my best work into creating a product that you will be happy with.

My Song Lyrics Writing Gig Terms:
Original Lyrics
Commercial Use
Full Copyright

I am looking forward to hearing from you so we can start making music together!

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