electronic / digital music tracks for $200

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electronic / digital music tracks for $200

Hi, I'm Kris. I am a freelance piano player and composer from the USA. I really love collaborating with other artists, musicians, and creative people. I have worked with video game companies, choreographers, singer/songwriters, bands, and more. This service is designed for those who want a finished piece of music or audio to suit their specific purposes. I can generate an original composition from scratch, work within well-defined parameters for a project, or produce (or re-produce) an original song or composition. I like approach each project with an open mind, open ears, and a creative process. Although I may not have a grammy on my wall, I promise that I will give you and your project my time, energy, and respect.

Examples of projects that this service is designed for:
- Music for Video
- Music for Games
- Piano arrangement of a song
- Creating a song arrangement based on an original melody
- Backing tracks for singers and instrumentalists
- Layering more tracks to a recording session, like piano, synth, drums, etc.
- Any project that requires a piece of music or audio!

I offer a short sample of custom, created work so that you may determine if my style and or production method is right for your project before you place an order. If you have reference tracks, charts, conditions, or anything of that nature, I need them before you order. Please be detailed and specific in your communication, because my ability to deliver a product that you are satisfied with depends greatly on the information I receive. Once ordered, I will make revisions and edits within reason, generally no more that three. I send the completed tracks in the form of a high-quality audio file, and will provide MIDI files upon request.


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