Songwriting - Chords/Melody/Lyrics for $35

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Songwriting - Chords/Melody/Lyrics for $35

I am a composer offering the service of songwriting. Able to provide chords, melody, and lyrics across a wide variety of genres. Original songs crafted in any style. Over ten years of songwriting experience. Typically write music on the guitar, bass, and piano. Flexible on the arrangement of the song. Your creative input is encouraged! My goal is to mold a specific vibe and storyline that is aligned with your artistic vision. Will provide chords and/or lyrics typed on word document. Will provide demo recording of the song. Up to 4 revisions are included in this service. 50/50 publishing split unless determined otherwise.I look forward to working with you!

Chords, Melody, & Lyrics - $55
Melody & Lyrics - $45
Chords & Lyrics - $40
Chords & Melody - $40
Chords - $35
Melody - $35
Lyrics - $35

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Nothing's Right

Country rock style
  • Nothing's Right
  • Anything For You

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