Songwriting - Chords/Melody/Lyrics for $60

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Songwriting - Chords/Melody/Lyrics for $60

I am a composer offering the service of songwriting. I am able to provide chords, melody and lyrics across a wide variety of genres. Whether you have music that needs lyrics or you have poetry that you would like to turn into a song, I am here to assist you. I can also write an original song from scratch for you. I am flexible on the arrangement of the song. Your creative input is encouraged! My goal is to mold a specific vibe and storyline that is aligned with your artistic vision. I have over ten years of songwriting experience and I typically write music on the guitar, bass and piano.

Will provide chords and/or lyrics sheet. Will provide demo recording of the song. Up to 3 revisions are included in this service. 50/50 publishing split unless determined otherwise. I look forward to working with you!

Chords/Melody/Lyrics (choose one) - $60
Chords/Melody/Lyrics (choose two) - $75
Chords/Melody/Lyrics (choose three) - $85

If your needs are different than what this service offers, please let me know and I can create a custom offer just for you.

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Nothing's Right

Country rock style
  • Nothing's Right
  • Anything For You

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