Melody and Lyric for your song for $300

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Melody and Lyric for your song for $300

If you're a track producer or musician working on songs, and melody and lyrics are not your forte, than I'm your guy. I have written over 1000 songs during the past 25 years, having cuts reach #1, top 10 and top 40 in countries all over the world, with credits ranging from pop to country, gospel to punk, and everything in between. Recording artists from Warner Brothers, Sire, Capitol, Centricity, Gotee, Fearless and Hopeless Records have all cut my songs.

As a writer, I focus on marrying the music (track) to the melody and lyric, while conveying a message in a unique way. I'm equally a student of Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson and Jackson Browne as I am of Prince, Charlie Puth and Michael Jackson. To me, the chorus is king and the verses and bridge are it's loyal subjects. They all work together to build up the kingdom.

- I will write a top line (melody and lyric) over your existing track with up to two verses, a chorus and a bridge. *

- A scratch vocal of the song over your track

- A text file with the lyric

- I will allow up to two revisions to tweak melody and lyric.

* For more elaborate or uncommon arrangements, please message me and I'll create a custom offer for you.

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  • Pop-Rock
  • Gospel
  • EDM
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock


Emotional piano ballad
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  • Fake News
  • Safe

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