Song Composing : Music for Film/Theater for $350

In Songwriters 100% Guarantee By Paz Pearl

Song Composing : Music for Film/Theater for $350

Hey there! I'm a professional Singer- Songwriter.

I have a fully equipped, professional recording studio, and more than 10 years of experience in performing and recording.
With my service you will get your lyrics- Composed :)
My main Genres are soul, musical theatre, RnB, pop, soft rock & Latin. but I'm willing to recieve any special requests from you.

In most cases i will compose the song and I'll send it to you as piano track with my vocal.

Important information: My name should be written under the "Music" Credits section. "Music by Paz Pearl"

Microphone: MXL Genesis
Software : Cuebase Pro 10
Audio inerface: SPL Crimson

I would love to work on your song! With my recording studio and experience I can deliver your song in just a few days!

Don't hesitate to ask me any question,

  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Soul
  • R&B
  • Musical theatre
  • Singer-Songwriter

Dizzengof (guitar ballad)

Music & Lyrics by me
  • Dizzengof (guitar ballad)
  • Rak Od daka- My Debut single (Hebrew)(soul)
  • Yuval (pop ballad)
  • Flow- Soul Colored Clay (Rock)
  • Tonight (folk ballad)
  • Flow- You (Rock Ballad)
  • Run Run (piano ballad)
  • Yom Ehad Ulay (Up tempo Pop)
  • Ido Fermon- Air (Power Ballad)
  • Flow- Perfect View (Rock)
  • Ido Fermon- I mustn't leave (Pop)

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