Professional Lyricist - Full Song for $220

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Professional Lyricist - Full Song for $220

Whether you only have an idea and no music, lines you want to turn into verses or a great chorus melody but no lyrics for it yet, I can help you. Even if you have nothing at all yet, feel free to get in touch to see where you're headed.

I have written over 100 songs and counting on various themes going from sweet, classic or edgy love songs, darker topics (murder ballads, trauma etc.), hope, time passing by, religion, leaving/finding a home and so on...

Songs I wrote got the following press and more:
" heart-wrenching lyricist whose words cut to the bone" Bucket Full of Nails
"One hell of a songwriter" Global Texan Chronicles
"Stunningly sharp songwriting" Muses Magazine
"Thought-provoking and deeply impressive" Right Chord Music

Just send me a message to tell me where you stand and what you need. I'll get back to you quickly.

This is a work for hire. Once the lyrics are written and the gig is paid, you keep all the rights to the song.

8 Reviews

  1. Review By: zazen0872 May 11, 2018

    Pauline is very attentive and her advice is precious.
    Thumb up!

  2. Review By: zazen0872 May 9, 2018

    Fast and easy.

  3. Review By: zazen0872 Apr 20, 2018

    Thumb up :)
    Easy, fast... It's always nice to work with Pauline

  4. Review By: zazen0872 Apr 16, 2018

    Awesome experience.

  5. Review By: MikeBalladur Apr 2, 2018

    Thanks again! Great inspiration! Will certainly work again with Pauline!

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  6. Review By: MikeBalladur Mar 17, 2018

    Awesome collaboration! Pauline is dedicated and very professional. She also takes the time to understand you needs, not just to deliver a simple product. You get help, support and inspiration. Will work with her again!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  7. Review By: sylvain7 Feb 18, 2018

    Excellent work as usual. I like the subtlety and the finish you bring in my projects. Thank you!

  8. Review By: sylvain7 Dec 30, 2017

    Thank you. Great advices again!

  9. Review By: brodger Dec 19, 2017

    Pauline really allowed me to see my lyrics from a fresh perspective and that was quite helpful. Thank you!

  10. Review By: sylvain7 Dec 6, 2017

    Thank you. I really like working with you. You really know how to improve and make the lyrics sound better.

  11. Review By: Obey Nov 30, 2017

    She takes apart the meaning to every word and will tweak anything and everything to make it better. Would definitely recommend.

  12. Review By: yajurmadan Jul 27, 2017

    it was a pleasure working with her!

  13. Review By: sylvain7 Jun 14, 2017

    Always a pleasure to work with. Thanks a lot!

  14. Review By: sylvain7 Feb 25, 2017

    Great job, Thank you again!

  15. Review By: sylvain7 Feb 21, 2017

    As always, great advice, thank you!

  16. Review By: sylvain7 Feb 17, 2017

    Great work! And thank you again for all your advises.

  17. Review By: sylvain7 Feb 5, 2017

    Great advice, Thank you very much!

  18. Review By: sylvain7 Feb 3, 2017

    Thanks a lot!

  19. Review By: BraxtenR Jan 12, 2017

    Great advice!

  20. Review By: sylvain7 Jan 12, 2017

    Amazing work, Thank you a thousand times!

  21. Review By: sylvain7 Jan 12, 2017

    Great work! Thank you very much.

  22. Review By: sylvain7 Jan 11, 2017

    Great work. Thanks a lot

  23. Review By: pkjmusic Dec 20, 2016

    Lovely, expressive vocals. Happy to work with Pauline A again.

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  24. Review By: zazen0872 Aug 20, 2016

    Pauline takes the time to understand. It's very nice. She knows how to respect the message. Thank you. Highly recommended.

  25. Review By: zazen0872 Aug 16, 2016

    Very good.
    Awesome girl :)

  26. Review By: zazen0872 Jul 30, 2016

    very fast and easy.
    Pauline takes time and it's nice. Top gig

  27. Review By: danmorse Jun 25, 2016

    Pauline is a wonderful and unique artist in the Americana tradition. Her voice is beautiful; warm, thick and dripping with the American South. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with her and look forward to doing other projects. She is a total professional and brings the lyrics and melody to a place where I had only hoped they could go.

  28. Review By: zazen0872 Jun 10, 2016

    Thumb up :-)
    Easy, fast... Awesome experience !

  29. Review By: zazen0872 May 13, 2016

    Very easy.
    Outstanding experience !

  30. Review By: pbarrosojr Feb 26, 2016

    Very easy to work with Pauline. She's really very skilled.

  31. Review By: Sunknight Dec 8, 2015

    Awesome Lyrics Pauline. You are so very good at interpreting all of the nuances needed to make my music beautiful. Thank you, great Job!

  32. Review By: Sunknight Nov 27, 2015

    Great Job as always Pauline!

  33. Review By: Sunknight Nov 27, 2015

    Fantastic Job as always Pauline!

  34. Review By: Sunknight Nov 21, 2015

    Excellent work as always, Pauline. Thank you for giving me another awesome lyric write!

  35. Review By: Sunknight Nov 5, 2015

    Fantastic Job as always Pauline! Thank you so much for your hard work and the beauty of your heart. It really shows through in your lyrics.

  36. Review By: Sunknight Oct 14, 2015

    5 star writing as always!

  37. Review By: Sunknight Oct 6, 2015

    Excellent work as always. Pauline is becoming my go to lyricist. Her level of work is always top shelf, on time, and beyond expectations. Thank you for brilliant meaningful and thought provoking lyrics.

  38. Review By: Sunknight Sep 30, 2015

    Once again, Pauline did an amazing job. I will continue to keep sending her my music. She can take a few words of direction, dig deep into the suggested research, and produce exceptional poetic lyrics that have heart. Thanks again for job well done!

  39. Review By: Sunknight Sep 27, 2015

    Pauline is a dream to work with. I asked her to do some research and find deep spiritual meaning to go along with my music. The lyrics she wrote turned out amazing! She communicated very well, understood where I wanted to take the song, and delivered the finished product with easy to read notations.

  40. Review By: JustSarah Sep 16, 2015

    PaulineA is an outstanding singer and an absolute pleasure to work with!

  41. Review By: actor2120 Apr 20, 2015

    Thanks! I'll let you know what the brand thinks when I hear back!