Songwriting for $100

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Songwriting for $100

Hello, my name is Stefani Barbutova. I'm an artist for over 15 years and I would love to sing and make music for you!

I can make a song (music) on provided lyrics / poems. I can also sing the lead and backing vocals for the song.
I can do free revisions in order to make sure you are 100 % satisfied with the end result.

I have done many recordings in the last 10 years, including 2 albums.
I have performed live in many concerts and events, and I lead worship at my local church every Sunday.
I am a part of a band as one of the lead vocals.
I have written over 25 songs, and have recorded 10 of them.
I love making music, I love exploring new things and am willing to expand my songwriting skills and make a song for you.

I can write a song in most genres, but my specialty is in gospel, jazz, r&b and pop.

I have a simple home studio with a Behringer x32 compact mixer, and I work on Logic Pro x.
The microphone I use is a Neumann Tim 67.

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  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • R&B
  • Gospel
  • Blues

Let me

This is a demo version of an original song inspired by Psalm 61. The lead vocal is done by me.
  • Let me
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